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Annual Meeting Of The Washtenaw Pioneers

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Over 200 of the old settlers of this county met ia the Congregational church in Chelsea, on the 8th inst. The president, Rev. Thomas Holmes, presided. The meeting was opened with prayer and an anthem by the Chelsea quartet. The report of the secretary of the proceedings of the last meeting was read and approved. The report of the necrologist, Wm. H. Lay, of Ypsilanti, was read, which showed that since the last meeting in June last, nearly 200 of the old settlers of this county have died. Of these one was 102 years of age. Eight were between 90 and 00, forty-four were between 80 and o, fifty-eight were between 70 and o, thirty between 60 and 70, and wenty-six under 60. The average ge was 72. It will be seen that the grippe nd other kindred diseases have mowed a wider swath among the ld settlers than in any previous ear. The report was accepted and rdered printed. The report of the treasurer, Edward Treadwell, of Ann Arbor showed a balance on hand of $21.45. 'he secretary was made the custoian of the pioneer room in the ourt house, and authorized to jloy a suitable person tu keo oom in order, and the rel rly arranged and labelled. At noon the ladies of Chelsea furnished a bountiful and delicious inner to all present, lt is genrally conceded that Chelsea ladies an beat the world in preparing and erving good dinners for the multiude. After dinner, Mrs. Mrs. W. J. Cnapp, of Chelsea, sung a pioneer ong composed by her. The poem nd singing were excellent. The audience then listened to three addresses prepared for the occasion. Irs. Bowen, of Lima, gave a compete and very interesting review nd description of pioneer Ufe i lis county. E.B. Pond desc; ie trip of his parents and o Michigan on the Erie cana ïough the Black Swamp of northern Ohio to southern Michigan in 835. Judge V. D. Harriman gave graphic description of a trip from Vermont to California, by way of tielsthmusof Panama, in 1859, and vears of pioaeer the tnining regions. ■ ■ Mr. J. K. Yocum, of. 'Chelsea, resented to the society an Indian ïatchet, constructed so as to be used for a pipe as well as a scalper, and its history shows it once belonged to the noted Indian Chief Tecumseh. Saline was elected for the place of next meeting, and the following officers were selected for the ensuing year: President - S. R. Crittenden, Pittsfield. Secretary - J. Q. A. Sessions, Ann Arbor. Treasurer - Edward Treadwell, Ann Arbor. Necrologist - Wm. H. Lay, Ypsilanti. VICE PRESIDENTS. Ann Arbor City - Philip Bach. Ann Arbor Town - J. J. Parshall. - Watson Barr. Dexter - Thomas Birkett. Bridgewater - George Patterson. Freedom - Jacob Breining. Lima - E. A. Nordman. Lodi - Harrison Bassett. Lyndon - Thomas Young. Manchester - J. D. Corey. Northfield- E. E. Leiand. Pittsfield. - H. Preston. Scio - Morrell Goodrich. Sylvan - C. H. Kempf. Webster - Solomon Sears. Ypsilanti City - Erastus Sampson Ypsilanti Town - A. R. Graves. Hxecutive Committee - Chas. H Wines, Chelsea; Nathan Sutton Northfield; F. A. Nordman, Lima Florus S. Findley, Ypsilanti, anc W. D. Harriman, Ann Arbor. Resolutions were passed thanking the ladies of Chelsea and vicinity for the sumptuous dinner, and th Congregationalists for the use of thei church, and all who had furnishec music for the occasion. The meet ing closed with a pioneer song b_ the school girls, composed by on of their numbr.