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The Milán schools have closed. Lima wants a band, a brass band. Wamplers lake is overflowing its banks. George Thompson, of Augusta, is barn building. A. F. Kishpaugh is building a cottage in Clinton. Fred Kloss is building a new house in Whittaker. Wm. Hanke has built a boat house on River Raisin. Mosquitoes like rain. They are more numerous than ever. Clinton is raising money for a Fourth of July celebration. George Conger, of near Clinton, ' is building a new residence. Ypsilanti has done away with all her pólice except the marshal. The Clinton teachers have been reuested to remain another year. The "Temple of Fame" has reared its iofty columns in Cherry Hill. Chelsea is sitting down on ball playing on her fair grounds on Sundays. Dell Dwelle is building a very fine residence on his farm near Grass Lake. George Reusink, of Clinton, died May 29, of typhoid fever, aged 21 years. Green Oak township is disturbed over the appearance of small pox there. The Stockbridge cornet band is said to contain some promising talent. 1 Prof. G. A. Shartau has been elected superintendent of the Dexter schools. Frank Reason, of Pinckney, raised a large barn one of the rainy days last week. George Thumm, of Ypsilanti, has been arrested for keeping his saloon open Sundays. Fernando Bowdish is building a large addition to his residence in Stockbridge. Milan is just recovering from a ten cent show which struck ' town last Thursday. The horse of Wm. Gadd killed two sheep while running in the big roarsh, last week. Prof. F. H. Pease, of Ypsilanti, is going to Europe to attend the j-ayreuth Wagner festival. W. Barr, of Augusta, had three ribs broken recently by a board breaking under his weight. Thirty-six grand army veterans, of Stockbridge, attended memorial day exercises in Waterloo. The boat house of H. D. Morris together with the boats burned up last week, at Portage lake. John Heinninger, of Saline, was thrown out of his wagon last week and had his collar bone fractured. Frank Sweetland has been elected president of the Chelsea fair association, and Orrin Burkhart, secretary. The Dexter Leader in speaking of the recent illness of Rev. Mr. McMahon, says "a high fever clung to him." Mrs. Emil Staebler, nee Haab, died near Four Mile Lake, May 30, leaving a husband and three small children. Cren Bakhvin and wife, who have been spending the past five years in California, are back in Manchester for the summer. Mrs. William H. Butler died in Dexter, May 29, aged seventeen years. She had been married less than four months. The Saline Observer asks, "will someone name the next president." Certainly. The next president will be Grover Cleveland. The barn of F. J. Comstock, in Saline, was struck by lightning "the other day but happily no damage was done to the stock. The Grass Lake Farmer's club discussed Woman's Influence and Country Road Making at M. L. Raymonds, Wednesday. In how many ways we do use the little word "nice." The Stockbridge Sun says their new cemetery presents a nice appearance. Ypsilanti has decided that bicycles must keep off the sidewalks, and what Ypsilanti decides goes, until the marshal's back is turned. The Grass Lake News says that the water in Grass Lake is being materially lowered by the large number of fish taken from it. The South Lyon Picket has very much improved since Callahan & Chilson got possession of it. Here's wishing them the best of luck. An Eastern Star chapter was organized in Clinton last week with thirty charter members by the wives, sisters and daughters of the Masons. Joseph Beard, colored, has been tried twice for slander in Ypsilanti, the jury each time disagreeing. The third trial is fixed for next Tuesday. Rev. Mr. McMahon, of Dexter, has attended seventeen funerals ing the past eight months. During the previous year he attended but six. The young ladies of the T. J. T. appeared this week in club hats. Tliey are very pretty. - Dexter Leader. Which, the hats or the ladies? George Juoffer, of Waterloo, stepped on a rusty nail and is having considerable trouble with his foot since. He will look out for nails hereafter. ƒ. C. Berniss reports to the Ypsilantian that the rainfall for May was 8.92 inches, the heaviest in this section for any month in twenty years. In May last year the rainfall was 2.04 inches. The Saline Observer in good faith and without any idea of humor is lamenting because no arrangements hav'e yet been made to keep the streets of Saline from being dusty this year. Let the Observer be of good cheer. Nature is sprinkling the streets in fine shape this year. Wm. Doty's house on east Liberty street was struck by lightening in the storm of last Tuesday afternoon. The chimney was demolished and shingles torn from the roof in several places. Luckily those in the house escaped injury. - South LyonPicket. Frank Lawson of the South Lyon band became a father last week and the South Lyon Picket drops into poetry over it as follows: Blow the cornet, beat the drum, And everybody shout with ioy; For Frankie Lamson smoles a smile, Because he's daddy to a boy. Misfortunes come not singly. Fred ('roman, of Waterloo, has several frisky colts. They got into the wrong field the other day and one of them got badly cut on a barbed wire fence. In chasing them around the field and across a marsh Fred lost a valuable watch. Ypsilanti sportsmen have organized a society to protect fish and preserve game. To show that they meant business théy elected Fred Fisher president, W. L. Pack vicepresident, and put W. L. Marquardt, J. B. Colvan, E. P. Rorison, Guy Davis and W. H. Judd on the board of directors. The boss gum chewer of the age has been located in Chelsea. Talk about the inveteracy of some gum chewers of the female j)ersuasion, we've got one whose proclivities in that direction would make a stick of gum blush with pride at being so much sought after. - Chelsea Herald. Must be a man. Can't be the editor of the Herald? About the middle of May, hand bilis were seen on our streets announcing that 300 men were wanted to go to St. Paul, Minn., and work on a railróaö at $1.50 per day, transportation pafd. About 150 applied at 423 South Adams street.and were obliged to deposit L1.00 each with Otho Taylor as a guarantee of good faith. They were to ship June ist, but Monday Taylor departed for parts unknown. The scheme has been worked in other Michigan cities. - Ypsilanti Commercial. The terrific rain storm of last night so filled the gutter on the south side of Cross street, just west of the river, that ït overflowed its banksand cut a new channel for itself, tearing away the bank to a depth of over 15 feet, letting two rods of sidewalk fall into the gulch, and covering the whole lower portion of the Pattison garden to considerable depth, with stones and gravel. It was feared for a time that the washout had weakened the western approaches to the bridge, but this fear proved unfounded. It will cost the city some mndreds of dollars to repair the jreach. - Ypsilanti Commercial. Last Sunday Mrs. Betsey Gregory, wife of John Gregory, took paris green with suicidal intent. The home of the famüy is between Nineveh and Fishville, aboutfour miles southeast of this village, where they have lived for years. Some time ago Mrs. Gregory was relieved of a large tumor through surgical means, but whether this attempt at self destruction can be attributed directly or indirectly to that cause we are unable to say. She took so much of the poison that her stomach would not retain it and the application of antidotes as quickly as possible prevented a fatal issue. However, she is said to be still very sick. - Grass Lake News. During the big storm Tuesday afternoon the home of Chas. Goodwin, known as the John Rosier farm, was the scène of unusual confusión. A bolt of lightning struck the eaves and evidtently run up the roof to the chimney, and down beside the brick, tore out the partition beside the sitting room, where Austin Goodwin was composely reading, tearing up the carpet ■ most beneath his feet. The place of egress is not discernable. Mrs. 1 Goodwin and son were inan j ing room, and, strange to relate, no ' one of the three received a shock, i notwithstanding a ball of fire was. ' plainly seen by Austin, as the carpet near where he sat was torn up. - Dexter Leader.