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Warm Weather Has Come At Last

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understanding that a great number of people have been cured of chronic catarrh by taking Pe-ru-na during the past cold season, yet it can not be denied that the cold, wet backward spring has retarded many cures, and in some cases actually prevented a cure. But, after unusual delay, summer has come at last and now is the time for all catarrh sufferers to begin a systematic course of treatment for this disease. The greatest difficulty in the way of treating chronic catarrh is that the patiënt is so liable to catch cold during the treatment, and thus delay a cure. This liability at this season of the year is, in a great measure, removed, and no one should neglect the opportunity to be given treatment. The proper way tb begin treatment for chronic catarrh is to take a teaspoonful of Pe-ru-na before each meal and at bedtime. This dose should be increased so that in one month the patiënt will be tking two tablespoonfuls at each dose; at which time a report of the case by etter should be made to Dr. Hartman, Columbus, Ohio, and he will advise further. Every patiënt should have a copy of The Family Fhysician No. 2, which is a 32-page pamphlet, giving a complete description of the cause, symptoms and cure of chronic catarrh. Sent free to any address.


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