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"The jag institute" is the name the Argus gives the new Keeley concern at Ypsilanti. The matrimonial milis grind slow, but they grind exceedingly small. - Chelsea Standard. Not very; ten pounds is the lowest we've heard of, this season. It has come to light in spite of all efforts to conceal it, that Governor Cleveland when in Ann Arbor, became a member of that blood-thirsty university organization, the Sigma Chi! A university law student, says he lost a pocket-book and $300 in Ypsilanti the other evening - another evidence of the unkindness of Ypsilantiship sentiment toward Ann Arbor. , # The Germán Lutheran church of Dundee has purchased a pipe organ. Let the choir leader, remembering a recent awkward incident in an Ann Arbor church, put an alarm clock in the bellows boy, to strike him awake for the Doxology. The Adrián Press asks a silty question about the tariff and then calis on some jackass to answer it. Which would be very appropriate. - Ann Arbor Courier. Then why not cease "honkee - honkee" and answer it? A Mooreville crazy woman escaped from her managers the other day and darting across a field, touched off a $1,200 barn in York, in "a york minute." Vajue with contents L1,600, half of which is dead loss. The Milan authorities warn the local saloon keepers that they must quit making whiskey jugs of minors and confine the operations of their protected industry entirely to the bright-nosed old bums, whose stomachs are used to aqua fortis. # # # Turning very suddenly from contemplating the starry sphere, and falling headlong down the schoolhouse stairs is taking quite a drop. A Chelsea astronomical student did that last week. His nose plowed the tertiary deposit and no one nose better than himself the magnitude of the injury. The Friends, of Milan, and the electric sugar swindle have recently been shoved into sight again, by a civil suit against Mrs. Friend, to recover moneys alleged to have been paid in advance to one Howard, .Mrs. Friend and others, by the Electric Sugar Refining Companyas purchase money for the wonderful secret whereby brown sugar purified of the jaundice became as white as snow. The swindled company allege payment to Howard and the Friends of 105,000, and to have spent $90,000 more, for machinery, rent, etc. When at last they broke into the room wher-e the wonderful bleacher was kept, a lump sugar crusher was all that was found. White sugar crushed was run by spouts into a room where the investors could see it. They bit and were sold. Howard is now "doing time" for the fraud and the company are after all property in sight, owned by Mrs. Friend. The case came on in the Washtenaw circuit last week.


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