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Weak, Nervous Men

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r .. TOÜ.who havo been b;imbngK1 ' ' ' 1 Irct.rle BeltB,""FelIowS:; Jr "■'"''" - : - forer," "CrfliO'j." ''Vucuum," 'Nervine,'' ' [ ak UnilDPilRIF Cure," quackf i ■■.! .■ iio have found youreelf growT 'wi nUriUnnDl.L Ingwors" Vou, who bave (tiven up ii tr-att. HF despair. t-nm. ' ; .-ti ooomed; there is no ■ ■ L BK for me;" Io yn ' Rar: up. ii1 '.: i.; i;ski.f: tmkrk is ik. ' -H fïy THEKK IS A CUBE! No maftc-r w!at you iinve taken or wbo has fui. ƒ 'irifajJmjr to cure vou, write Die a f uil history of your cis, ■ Jkn'Sm andsend for Book (f ree) CfPfCCCÏii! nd Qeitln I.itt. J mr, Thounrt Cured. iU u" LUal'v'L J'ortj' jer' experirarn. fwi ■ jl Consult tbe Old Doctor. All Prlrte, Nerfous cd ' A. ' ,.V CHBOBICDISKASESof eithersexgklllfuliy andsuccewfully treat'i ,jl "" 'h a cnre goarBtd in every cumble tw1. Marrled men or those bont 10 EsE lfcfcjfcjjjBE nlllrr)r wno tread their weakneKs or tncapacity, or whose blood is lond A 9jHe with impuritie traDsniiBible tt offsprinfr, should ■ m& consult the celibrated Dr. Cli rito at once. TDCATMCMT X IPr eultation personally or by letter, f ree and ilCH I lilLlï I j B&- dentiaL Medietnes sent ererywhere, secure from , ! EiUbllihed 1861 . expoBure. A friendl j letter may aid you and direct you to health. Adiirees OR. F. 0. CLARKE. Merrill 3lock, cor.woodn jafl-r.On ., Detroit, Mich


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