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I OFFICIAL. 1 CouNcir, Chambek. ( AKS akbor, June rth, 1892. Regular meeting. Called to order by President Cooley. Roll called. A quorum present. Absent - Aid. Ilerz - 1. Minutes of May 16th meeting approved. COMMUNICATION FKÜM TIIE MAYOB. City of Ann Arbor, Mavor's Office, I May ilst, 18l2. f iTo the Honorable tlie Common Couneil: Gentlemen. Pursuant to the resolution of your honorable body passed in Common Couneil, May 2, 1892, authorizing the appointment by the Mayor of an additional patrolman to the regular pólice forcé of said city, and the detail of the said patrolman as truant oifleer, I hereby appoint, subject toyourconiirmation,ThaddeusThoinpson to the regular pólice forcé of said city, and detail said Thompson as truant officer, as provided by law; it being expressly understood, nevertheless, that the service of the said Thompson under and by vjrtue of this appointment and this detail are to be without expense to the city' of Ann Arbor. William G. Doty, Mayor. Referred to Pólice Committee. PETITIOUS AND CCOIMUNICATIONS. To tlw Common Coicncü: We, the Board of Public Works, respectfully recornmend and ask the Common Couneil to appropriate the sum of $50 to grade at the junction of South University avenue and Linden street. By order of the Board of Public Works. W. J. Miller, Clerk. Keferred to Street Committee. A petition signed by Mrs. Ernestina Kauska and nineteen other residents and property holders in the Second ward of the city of Ann Arbor, asking that a sidewalk be ordered built on the easi siae oí ïrst street irom .biberty street to Cari Joerndt's north line. Keferred to Sidewalk Committee. A petition sigued by Paul Snauble and seventeen other residents and property liolders in the Second ward of the city of Aun Arbor, asking that sidewalks be ordered built on the north and south sides of Williams street- north side f rom Ashley street to Fourth street; s.outh side from Ashley street to third street. Keferred to Sidewalk Committee. To the Comtnon Council: Your Board of Health respectfully represent that there is urgent need f or a general inspection of the sanitary condition of the whole city; that is, to make a house to house inspection of all privy vaults, cesspools, etc., in this city. We would therefore petition your honorable body to permit the Board of Health to eugage a suitable person to perform this work at once, at a cost not to exceed $100. The Board of Health have the power to employ some suitable person to do this work, but wish to consult your honorable body lirst before taking" this step. We therefore pray your honorable body will cause the necessary order therefor to be Dassed. The Board of Health organized by electing Eli W. Moore, president, Dr. John Xapp, health offlcer, and Martin Clark, inspector. Dated May 2-5, 1892. By order of the Board of Health. W. J. Milleii, City Clerk. Eeceived and flled. To the Honorable City Council of the City of Ann Arbor, Mich.: The undersigned has examined the books and vouchers of the City Treasurer, the books of the City Clerk, and the interest account between the City Treasurer and the city depository, and ünd the same correct. Respectfully, June 4, 1892. JohnR. Miner. Received and flled. A communication from the Soldier's Relief Commission, which included a list of soldiers and soldiers' widows entitled to aid under the provisions of the Soldiers' Relief Act. Received and flled. A quit-claim deed of Edvvard A. Gott et al, to the city of Ann Arbor conveying Brook and Gott streets. Referred to City Attorney. A communication from the Ann Albor Water Co., was read and referted to Water Committee. A petition signed by thirty-flve saloon keepers asking for permission to keep tlieir places of business open to the liour of eleven o'clock p. m. legal time, and stating that tliey were all willing hereafter and will keep and maintain closed their respective places of business on each week day night af ter such liour of 11 o'clock, the curtains and screens to be drawn, to the end that their bars may be seen from the sidewalks in front of their respective places of business, also that on Sunday all of their places shall be closed. Referred to Ordinance Committee. 11KP0RT OF STANDIITG C0HMITTEE8. FIN'ANCE. To tíie Convmon Council: Your committee on Finalice ïespectfully report that they have had the following bilis under consideration and would recommend their allowance at sums stated. CONTINGENT FUXD. W. J. Jlillor, solary 8fl 66 J.H.Btark, janitor 8 28 SId W. Millard. supplíes Z tK Miehael Btucíilev, conl [3 co H. Kandail. f ramee 5 uo W. J. MUler. íupplies 2 06 f. Liesemer. notice i Jí (ovr, typewritlug i 00 losephinH Ilii'un, typewrlting 't im E. B. Morris, salary... 25 un FrederlckJ bebleede, suppltes 6 00 P.O'Hearn, salary 103 0U Wjlihim Herz, lettertnc ballot boxea . 8 00 Ann ATbor T.-H, Electric Co., ttreet lightiner 588 90 Ann Axbor T.-H. Electric Co , office 2 mi Total $ 887 62 STREET FUSD. Felson Sutherland, salary, Mi 66 Gqrilon Wallace, labor 18 9 William Lainborn, labor 12 42 Amos Drake, labor 3 ] (íottlobSchneider, labor 6 ] Gordon Wallace. labor 5 65 Frank Sutherlund, labor 9 (r Aufjust Teesmer " 217 Michael Williiiuis, labor 413. Williain Kuehu, 29 Ï Andrew Zeigler " ís ; Henry Schiiltz " ;j CK) Michael Kenny " 15 1 Christian Dieterle labor.-. . 1 Gustave Walters " 12 9 Gordon Wallace 4 ;jo Joseph Hutzel, labor :.i Oiristian Bonine, labor ; Patrick Welch, labor i ju Suni Dett, labor 8 s. U'illiam Nimtz, labor ;)ii 1. Charles Joerndt " 400 Jobn Baumgardner, crosslng stone 25 89 Glen V. Mills. 25 city raaps-1 2 50 Jonathan Drake, labor 11 40 Williani Lamborn 2175 Willis Clark, labor. 22 50 Douglass Bycraft, teaming 24 85 Aupust Birk " 450 P I). Kog-ers " ... 15 40 Israel Clark ' 7315 Kiehard Burns " X4 85 M. Schnierle " " 27 30 Andrew Dupslotl " . 37 82 Albert " "'"" 8 75 Hiram Kittridge " 750 Nelson Sutherland, horse and cart 24 02 Hiram Kitridjfe, teaming 700 Jacob Michelfelder, labor 593 John Finnefc'au, seed 3 10 Geo. Wahr, engineer supplies :! 20 John Allmand, 14 tree 7110 Eberbach A: Co., supplies :;;'.") Geo Weeks, building sidewalk. " 7 5,1 Wagner ís. Co., repairs 90 Louis Uhode, cement 2 PO Washtenaw County, stone 1100 A. M. Clark, repalra 15 ] B. Wood & Co., supplies '_'_.'_ 17e l" S. S. Brown, building cement crosswalk U ii Hutzel & Co., piping 4 1S ' Total { 956 66 FIRE DKPARTMEM FÜND. Fred Sipley, salary o oo C. A. Edwards, salary 50 00 Henry McLaren, salary 46 46 Louis Hoelzlc, salary 45 00 Charles Carroll, salary " 40 U0 Max Wittlinger, salary 40 00 Alexander D. Imus, salary 40 00 S. F. Granger, 6alary 25 38 Herman Kirn, salary 8 00 John Ken ny , salary 00 Sam McLaren, salary 8 00 Morgan Williams, salary 8 00 William Rettich, substituto 14 64 Louis Weinmann, salary 8 00 Mrs . B. Ream. washing 4 00 H. C. Clark.l bale hay ."„" 50 Hutzel & Co, supplies 24 01 Hcinzmann & Laubengayer, bran 170 H . D. Edwards & Co., 500 feet flre hoee 400 00 Bach, Abel & Co., supplies 6 75 Wtyliam Herz, 6upplies 6 3u Total $ 844 72 pólice mira. James K. Murray, salary 65 00 David Collins, salary 50 00 Noble C. Tice, salary 50 00 Frank Campion, special pólice 2 00 John Manning 50 W. G. Snow, norse hire 1 00 Total $ 168 50 POOR FUND. H. C. Clark, wood 275' Fred Sipley, salary 10 OU Edward Duffy, groceries 2 00 Mrs Ann Evans, aid 5 00 Eberbach & Son, medicino 4 20 John Goetz & Son, groceries 4 45 John Goetz, jr., groceries 69 J. Henne, groceries 1 4 00 W. F. Lodholz, groceries 15 Si William H. Mclntyre, groceries 8 66 E. P. Masonlfhorse hire 75 O'Hara & Boyle, groceries 1 50 Kinsey &Seabolt, groceries 9 97 C. Rinsey, groceries 5 27 A, D. Seyler, shoes 100 M. P. Vogel, meat 1 03 Ann Arbor Brick Co., wood 17 25 Total $ 94 05 RECAl'lTULATION. Contingent Fund $ 887 62 Street Fund 956 66 Fire Fund 844 72 Pólice Fund 168 50 Poor Fund 94 05 Total .„Í2.9.-.1 .V. Respectfully submitted. Walter L. Taylok, A. II. FlLLMOKE, WlLLIAM HERZ, Finan.ce Com Aid. Kehberg moved that the report be accepted and adopted and warrants ordered drawn for the sums stated therein, which motion prevailed by a yea and nay vote as follows: Yeas- Aid. Wines, Schairer, Martin, Fillmore, Snow, Ferguson, O'Mara, Eehberg, Taylor, Kitson, Prettyman and Pres. Cooley. - 12. Nays. - None. Aid. Wines moved that the bill of Geo. F. Key, City Engineer, be allowed and a warrant ordered drawn for the sum of $30, which motion prevailed by a yea and nay vote as follows: Yeas. - Aid. Wines, Schairer, Martin, Ferguson, O'Mara, Rehberg, Kitson, Prettyman and Pres. Cooley.- 9. Nays.- Aid. Fillmore, Snow, Taylor. -3. Chairman Taylor, of the Finance Committee, presented the claim of S. Krause for erroneous assessment on lot 21, Krause addition, without any recommendation. Aid. Martin moved that the claim be referred back to the Finance Committee for a report, which motion prevailed. STKEET. To the Common Council: Your Comrnittee on Streets to whorn was referred the petitions of John Krause anti others.AdolphB. Covert and others and a recommendation trom the Board of Public Works, asking for grades to be established and when grades are established to grade the streets to the grade, respectfully report that they have visited the different localities and fully inspected the same, and would recommend the following, namely: ïhat the Board of Public Works report to this Council memoranda for grades on the follovving streets: On Vine street frota Hurón to Liberty streets, on Madison street from Main to Seventh streets, on West Summit street from Main to Brooks streets. We further report and recommend that the following appropriations be made: For grading Vine street, $125; forgrading Madison street from Fourth to Seventh streets, $250; for grading Summit street, $200. Respectfully subniitted. Chbistian Martin, Waïtek L. Ta vlor, L. D. Wixes. .v. P. Ferguson, H. (r. PEETTYMAN, W. G. Ssrow. Street Committee. Aid. Wines moved that the report be accepted and adopted and filed, i which motion prevailed by a yea and nay vote as follows: Yeas- Aid. Wines. Scliairer, Martin, FillQiore, Snow, Ferguson, O'Mara, Rehberg, ïaylor, Kitson. Prettyman and Pres. Cooley - ]2. Nays - None. SIDBAVALK COMMTTTEE. To the Common Council: Your Coramittee on bidewalks, to whom was refei-red the resolution of flur last meeting to construct, a cross-ilk along Detroit street, across División street, would respectf ully report tbat the appropriation be made of $116 to build said crossing, as said crossing is a jaecessary public improvement. Respectf ully submitted. Akthür J. Kitson, Ernest Rehberg, J. O'Mara, D. F. SCHAIRER, A. H. FlLLMORE, Sidewalk Conimittee. Aid. O'Mara moved that the report be accepted and adopted and filed, bich motion prevailed by a yea and uay vote as follows: Yeas- Aid. Wines, Schairer, Martin, Fillmore, Snow, Ferguson, O'Mara, Rehberg, ïaylor, Kitson. Prettyman and Cooley- 12. Xays- None. KEPORTS OF SPECIAL COMMITTEB8 . 2) ih Council: Tour Special Comniittee to whom was referred tbe proposition to do away with the mili race along Allen's ereefc, would respectfully report that they have examined the mili race and uncí acondition, which in the opinión of your committee is little less than an intolerable nuisance ; we have interviewed Messrs. Kyer and Peterson who claim to owh the right by deed to maintaiu the said mili race, and flnd that they are willing to sell their right and consent to an abatement of the mili race for the sum of tour thousand dollars. 1 our committee f eel that the payraent of any such suni by the city is xvholly out of the qnestion, but that if the persons whose property would be benetitted by the abatementéf the race were willing to pay a reasonable part of the said sum asked Tt might be prudent for the city to contribute to the fund required for that purpose. Your committee would thevefore recomrnend that the President do appoint a committee of five persons amone those interested in the abatement of such race, and that such committee do report to the Council at its next meeting what sum of money can be raised liy voluntary subscription for that purpose. All of which is respectfully submitted. . W. G. Snow, . r II, G. Prettyman, L. D. Wixes, Committee. Aid. Taylor moved that the report be accepted and adopted, which motion prevailed. Pres. Cooley thereupon appointed the following committee: Charles E. Hiscock, W. E. Walker, A, J. Sawyer, Eeginald Spokes and Z. Sweet. EEPORTS OF CITY OFFICEKS. CITY ÏREASUKBR'S REPORT FOR THE 3I0XT1I ENDING MAY 31, 1892. ïo the Convmon Council of the City of Ann Balance on hand as per last report i 11,768.23 MOSEV RECEIVED. Coatingent Fund- CountyTreas.Li(iuorTax $6.845.85 MiUeï,lam.p 200 lfoensea 6.00 Street Fund- üniv Sutherland serv. _. 44.70 M. Seabolt, dirt 1.00 CemeteryFund- ft Speecnley, salejof lot 10.00 Pólice Fund- Murray, l'ees 5.85 Delinquent Tax Fuod- County Treasurer 35.71 Collins, personal 8.58 Total 6,954.69 $13,722.92 MONEY DISBÜRSED. Contingent Fund $1,202.24 Street Fund 673.50 Firemen's Fund 446.11 Pólice Fund 136.50 PoorFund 67.84 Brilde Fund 122.00 Soldiers' Kelief Fund 23.00 Total 2.671.19 16,051.73 BALANCE ON HAND, Contingent Fund 3,434.52 Street Fund, overdrawn 599.31 Firemen's Fund. _.__. 3,255.24 Pólice Fund 1,204.18 PoorFund 1,522.41 Water Fund 3,789.71 CemeteryFund 156.',v3 Soldiers' Helief Fund. 947.64 l'niversity Hospital AidBondFuud 840.00 Delinquent Tax Fund 1,062.57 Bridge, Culvert and Crosswalk Fund, 2,462.98 DogTaxFund WO.OO Total $17,713.61 $1,661.88 Total Balance on hand $16,051.73 Respectfully submitted, S. W. Beakes, City Treasurer. Ann Arbor City, June 1, 1892. Ann Arbor Savings Bank, ) Ans Arbor, Mich., June 6, 1892. T the Common Cmincil of the City of Ann Arbor: This will certify that S. W. Beakes, City Treasurer, has to liis credit in this Bank the 3m of Sixteen Thousand, One Hundred, Twenty-eight and 12-100 dollars, (16,128.'2). Yours respectfully, Chas. E. Hiscock, Cashier. The monthly reports of Treasurer, City Clerk, Marshal and Supt. of the Poor were read and ordered filed. MOTIOJÍS AND RESOLUTIOXS. By Alderman Kitson. Whereas. In the opinión of the Council grade of the sidewalk on the north side 01' auron street ought to be changed and iixed na establlshed, to the eud that such street jaay be made sultable and safe for public travel, therefore Jtefolml, and it hereby ordered that the grade oí th(. sidfwalkou :md along the uoith -■'k ui Hurou street frora Fourth aitenue to TOo avenue be, and the same is hereby cnunged, llxed and establishod. so that the ■: sald sidewalk on aud along the street I 3hall be as followa, that is to ,-ay: 9-bc-ioo feet ut northeast corner lurou and 'ounhave., 7-88-100 feet at east line Hamiltou Block, kWB-100 feet at west line of Engine House, W9-9S-100 feet at northwest corner Hurou reet aud Flfth ave.. 'ie elevation given being abore the ofticial city turn and along the center line of such walk. ■mu the grade Unes to cousist of straight lines ' the several poiuts or statious above 'tilted. Which resolution prevailed. By Alderman Kitson. Whereas, In the opinión of tha Council the Cade of the sidewalk on the south side of ""mgtou street ought to be chauged. flxed in t;stablished, to the end that such street t !i!" " made suitahle and safe for public travel therefore Jte'olvtd, and it is herebv ordered that the a l tlle sidewalk on and along the south itrÜ ot , a9tiiugton street from Main to Ashlev nïSi ie aud the sanie is hereby changed, "ïed aud eatablished, so that the grade of said h1uiVbkasíoHow tho atrect foreaaid toIhty%attreeUJ!le8St00nirafWa8hla8 íkivm! 'wal "1í't'ui ' Staebler'8 Block. given being abovè the oilichil eitv , kÍgl?C tCeUtel' -line of slIch Ík. and ÍÜLg, Vi t0 c'ouist of straight Unes beítau-d. B6Veral poil'ts or stSlona bov Wliicli rosolution prevailcd. By Alderman Kitson. rXB5f A?{ Iu t-hJe opiuion or the Conncil the 5wth í e sldett"lk ou the east slde oí SXhíS 'VSuile Suglu t0 be changed, lixod and made snltablc and saíe public travel, there,S"',Tli!1"(' ,U ''íereby prdeÁd that the bidé oí íourth aveuue.írom Catherlne street be, and the saine is hereby changedl 'Xu'ü'i. l':lil"ll;1'l-- that the .-rade of said s dewulk and along .the street aforesald Bhall be as follaba, thaTistosay: HtSLt?iWH? ; 'eonler Hurou stieet aud Jbourth avei „,Vi"?i'!ll? fcet nt solt'n."ist corner Aun s'treet aud i ourth avenue. s:il-3.--luiJ feet northeast eoruer Aun street and i ourth aveüue, MeMrket66' at s0llth liue of Zachniann', the elevation given betog above the official city datum and aloug the center line i I walk, and the grade liues to conaist of atraighl abve atated? ' 9everai 1oims or statlus Whieh resolution prérailed. By A'.derman Wiioes: ResolTOd, ïiiat the street committee cto exánime the grade oí the proposed af Huron Btreet to tlie old cemetery grotuids. that tliey have power to fix tho same and report tl e sajue at thie aext meeting. Which resolution prevailed. By Alderman Bnov: liesolved, Tlnat the eommuaicatlön lrom the mayor be received aud placeo on i'ile and tile apiioiinment o lh.addeus Thompson as truant officer be comfirmed. Wliioh resolution prevailed. By AMermam Tavlor: Resolved, That the thanks ol this co-uncM are hereby tendered to Mr. John Baumgardner for his kiadnesa m placmg a tone dirlnking trougli at the cnniiT oí Sluier ave. and Pirst street, wii rum expeoee (x fche city. Wiii.-h resoruittan unanimously jinvailcd. By Aldermnn Belö)erg: Ili'solvied, Tliat the report and reconimcndatiions of thte Soldiers ReHei Cuimiisioii i„. adopted and ordered placed on file, and that the list ot persons tlwrein contamed be certt lied to the city clerk, pursuant to law. Which rcsolutioni jM-evailed by a vea and nay vote as fallows: Yeas- Aids. Wines, chah-er. Martin. Fillmore, Smow, Ferguson, O'Mara, Eeubers, Taylor, Kitson, Prettyman, Pres. Cooley- 12. Nays - None. By AMerma.n l'rettyman: Whereas, trcKpassiaig on the public parks i frequent in plain sight oí warming signs to the coutrary, therefore be it. Resolved, Tlvat the mayor appoimt siueh special pólice as are necessary to arrest and make complaint agaiast such tresspassers, suoh special pólice to reteive o-ne lialf the fines assessed. A.W. Rehberg moved that the reso lution be referred to the park oommittee. Aid O'Mara moved as au amendment that it be rbierred to the police committee. , . Aid. Wiines moved tfeat the original resolution be amended so is to iinclude the arrest of all ball pliyers. Wli'ich amendnient was accepxed. Aid. Wines moved as a subfetitute for the motioms of Aids. Rehbelrg anti O'Mara, that the resolution I be referreí to the ordinance comraijttee. Wliich substïtute prevailed. f By Alderman 'Wines: Resolved, That Hurooi streeV be extended east to'i'vatory ,4t., aml parallel with Ann et., saiid extensión of Huran street to be four jrods iu width, and that Tliirteentlij st. be extended south to Hurón gft., saiti extensión oï Thirteenth st. to; be four rode in Avklth. provided liowever that beïore said streets shall be eitended, the fuill right of way for ttte same shall be eanveyed ta the eitiy without charge ior the same. Whk-'h resolution prevailed by a yea and nay vote as foilowg: ! Yeas - Aids. Wines. Shaiivr, Martin, IMlhnore, Snow, Ferguson, , O'Mara, Rehberg, Taylor, Kitsom, Brttyman, Pres. Öooley - 12. Naye - None: By Alderman O'Mara: fieeol-ved, That the ehair mppoimt a eoinmittee of three. to repoi.'t to thi.s coumciil the cost of a Btéá such as needed for the city clerk's o'ifice. Which resolnt;on prevailed and the president thereupon appoint ed the followiiug eomnittee: Aids. O'Mara. Taylor, Fillmore. , Aid. "Wiines imtroduced an ordinanee. entftled "Aa Ordinance Bálatíve to tiie ("losiing of Saloons anifl Bars ia Restaurante a.nd Elsewheréí'' Aid. Martin moved thatj the said ordiinaijee be referred to thei ordinance committee. Whieh motion prevailed] On motion the councrl th(in adjouriv ed. Clerk.


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