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Dr. E. C. West'sNerve andBraínThket[knt, a guaranteed speciflc í'or Hysteria, Diziness. Convulsiona, Fits, Nervous Neuralgia, Heaiiaehe, Nervous Prostration eaused hy the se oí alcohol or tobáceo, Wakel'ulness, Mental )epression, of the Brain resultingr n insanity and to misery, decav and eath, Premature Oíd Age, Barrenness," Loss í Power in eitlier sex, Involuntary Losses nd Spermatorrhciea caused by over-exertion t the brain, self-iibuse or over-indulgence !ach box contains one month's treatruenv 1.00 a hox, or six boxes íor $5.00, sent by mail repaid on recelpt oí price. WtJGïJAR ANTEE SIX BOXES Tocare any case. With eaeh order rcceived by us loisix boxea aocompanled wlth fó.üO, we will send tlic purenaser our wrltten runrantep to refund Uie money ií the treatment does not c'fftct a cure. Guaranteea 6ued only by Eberbach .t Son, Drugg-ists, SoleAa-ents Ana Arl.oi, Mloh. $500 Reward ! WE 11 paytheabnve reward for any case of MverComplalnt, Dy?pepsla, 8iok Headache, lndigestloD, Constipatlou or Costivencs .- canuot cure with West's Vegetable LiverPillwhen tlic dlrectlona n-e strictly oomptied wlth. Ther are purely Vegetable, and never fail to 8rive8atl8faction. ujrar Coated. Lnvae boxes contamina 80 Pilis, 36 cents. Iiewareof counterfeitsand mitations. Tlic renuine rnanulacturcd only by THE JOHN C. WEST COMPANY, CHICAGO, 1LL. For sale by all


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