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lie Lmsrcst o. i,i Mine, the Larjresl Bflver Mines, the Largreet Copper Mines. tlie Lnrifest Lea5 M Has Extensive.Grazing Kanges. Fine Timber Belt. Wide Agriciütural Valleys. .s luif. r th,-n New England, fíew Vork blnDedey W Jersey and Delaware com' f1;",;1 Northern Inil:1y is thodirect Une Vi, ; ! '!"l,aiul Minneapolls to Great Palla, Monaroh, Nel hart. Barker, Helena, Butte and wer Montana pointe. Apply to your home ■'y'Kcut tor tickets over the Great Norrrm I do not ivish to blow into LtlNU them, but merely whisper that ihe Ked liiver Val ley offers fine lr íuducemcnts for borne seekers, Itir. HSillso the entive rejrion nloni: tlií Great Northern Hailwav VniTD fhrough .Minnesota. North Da'IUUK K-ota and Jlontana. For Maps (iiiideiiooks, etc., apiilv to P. Cipe ; WiniNhY. G. P, & T." A., t tnno. Paul, uliun.. orto your nearest ratlway agent. ■■,,r.r I ín some states the TurYOUNG I ratiois two and ofTHE I teu three to one in vri. ...„ ,,,„„[.,, favor of the men. YUUNG WOMEN, The best route f rom r,_, St. Paul, MinneapMEN fifi Ulis' Duinth and ,„.nilT uu West Buperior to ARtOUT the Northwestern tuc-dcVVFCTi and Paoiflo States ia THERE 1 via the Great NorK!-a therniiaihva.v. NOW. Farms oaa be had in Minnesota iiuíi Ngfcth Dakotu on erop I M na other jílnns to suit purchas111 ere. No' íailure of crops in twelve years of seltleinent ___ Larg-e yields of wheat and other RED smples. Fine stock región. "'-'' Goor}' schools and churches. Healthful olimate. Great Marmui-n kets within easy reach. Farms nIVtn P:ud íor trom t'1" Pioceeds of une erop. Hig-hrst ]M-ices paid tor products. Tho (Jreat Noriiii r v ,1 thern Kailway lias three lines VALLtlZ throueh the Valley. Address f W. V. Uraden, Land Coniuns! sioner, St. Paul, Mimi., for par ticulars. a b#tTgreat coüñtryT Mapg and publlcatíong gent freeaiul letters agkltíg intormation about travel and settlement m Minnesota, the Dakotas and Montana ans-ered liy F. 1 Whltney, G. P & T A Grtíat Northern K ihvny. St. Paul. Tir-kets tó allpomtsin the West. Lowest rates to the Pacifle Coast. II I i I %


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