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Teachers For Next Year

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The school board have appointed the following teachers during the coming school year: Prof. W. S. Perry, superintendent, $2,200; Prof. J. Nr. Pattengill, principal, $1,800; Prof. H. N. Chute, physics, $1,700; Prof. L. D. Wines, higher mathematics, $1,500; Miss Alice Porter, Latin, $700; Miss Mary E. Hunt, natural sciences, $700; Miss Mary E. Dickey, German, $800; L. P. Jocelyn, mathematics, $800; Miss Anna H. Adams, French and Latin, $600; Wm. W. Eagan, English grammar and composition, $700; Miss Kenyon,elocution, $190; Prof. J. E. McClenahan, bookkeeping and commercial law, $1,300; Miss Grace Taylor, rhetoric and English literature, $650; Miss Sara Whedon, general English, $600, Prof. J. Montgomery, chemistry and astronomy, $1,100; Miss Nellie Loving, librarian, $450. Grammar and Primary Department, Central Building. - Miss Eliza C. Ladd, principal, $500; Miss Anna D. Robinson, $440; Miss Abbie A Pond, pro rata, $450 First Ward- Miss Clara G. Plympton, principal, $500; Miss Emily G. Eldridge, $400; Miss Celia L. Burke, $400; Miss Wilhelmine L. Bender, I375; Miss Carrie ],. Baxter, $400; Miss Maggie T. McDivitt, $400. Second Ward - Miss Mary Mulholland, principal, $500; Miss Gertrude F. Hamilton,$5; Miss Emma :itz, L375 Emily Gundert, aan, Second and Third wards, Walter, $400; Emily K. Marshke, $325. Third ward Bella K. Edson, principal $475 Miss Elizabeth Y. Cowan irah G. Come, #400; tha Feincr, S300. l'ourĂ­h V i iss Annette Ailes, prin ,0; Miss Julia A. Howard, S401 Eugenie Mogk, $375; Minnie A. Drake, S400. Fifth Want- Miss Matie E. Goodale, principal, S450; Miss Charlotte L. Millard, 400; Miss Anna Clinton, ; Miss Alice L. Treadwell, $375. Sixth Ward- Miss Addie C. Jewell, principal, S450; Miss Ella S. Wright, S400; Miss Matie Cornwell, S400. Special Teachers - Miss Alice L. Hunt, drawing, one-half time, S400; . Cole, music, S400.