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Disgusting--prince Michael On Trial

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ai ved colony of Israel - iit, who believe in the di, moved down on Ann :k and have attractcd attëntion. It is unl remark that Ann Arbor heartily glad when they shake the dust of Ann Arbor from their feet and return to Detroit, excepting one of their number who, let ít be hoped, may sojourn behind the bars at Jackson. chael K. Mills, or Prince Michael as he chooses to cali hitn self, has been on trial in the circuit this week, on a change of ■ from Wayne county, charged with the most revolting of crimes ist little Bernice Bickle, aged n. Accompanying him is his spiritual wife, the chief of his harem, Eli-.a Courts. The prosecution is conducted by cuting attorney Burroughs and ntprosecutingattorneySpring■ ule the shrewd, cooland sharp aitorney, Col. John Atkinson, apjears for the defeuce, assisted by T. D. Kearhëy, Esq. The following s the jury: Wrm. H. Donahue, Ann Arbor town; Wm. Dewey, 3ridgewater; A. D. Jackson, York; Simon Nissly, Saline; J. Breitenjach, Lyndon; J. C. Tuttle, Ypsianti; J. iflrich, Freedom; Martin Vlanz, Sylvan; David Gore, Northfield; Chas. F. Bates, Scio; C. C. Deuress, Ypsilanti; Gilbert Howe, Pittsfield; George Clarken, Ann Arbor. The details of the case are too revolting for publication, but may be briefly summarized as follows. Mills met the little girl at Sarnia, where he was preaching. He sent for her to play the piano at headquarters. She carne to Detroit and the first night slept with May Webster and Mrs. Mills, the next two nights with Ella Rowlinson and the fourth night by directions in Prince Michael's room. He slept there also and talked to her about their peculiar religious belief. The following night Mills, Eliza and the little girl occupied the same bed. She refusedhis advances. He impressed upon her the virtue of obedience to him. She refused to obey. The party then went to Europe and on their return he accomplished his vile purpoies. Little Bernice testified to these facts in detail and was corroborated by May Webster and Ella Rowlinson in most of the essential details. The most skillful cross-examination failed to shake the witnesses. From the testimony of all three it seemed that Michael's "God house" was a regular harem. The defense attempted to prove that the testimony was a result of a conspiracyagainst Mills by the pólice officers and introduced a number of long haired witnesses to testify to Prince Michael's good character. They revealed the fact that they would do whatever he told them and believed he could do no wrong. The testimony closed last evening and the attorneys are closing the case today. The court room is daily crowded and a few women are drinking in the disgusting details of the testimony. Long haired Mike does not seem to be pleased at all by the position in which he is placed. Neither does Eliza Court who keeps by his side. Mrs. Mills, his lawfulwife, is absent but Lucifer and his other angels are still firm followers.


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