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Milan has twelve bicycle riders. The Lima band has new horns. They talk of a cheese factory a Dexter. Several Milan stores have put in plate glass fronts. Cavanaugh Lake has its Fourth of July celebration. The Cherry Hill school picnic will be held to-morrow. Uncle Tom's Cabin in a tent ha -been peregrinating the county. The Saline Arbeiter Verein have a picnic at their grove, July 4. Milan in common with most other villages demands more sidewalks. Elton Sanderson and George Davis, of Stony Creek, have erected new barns. T. French, of Dexter, raised a strawberry five and a half inches in circumference. One hundred and nineteen new books have recently been added to the Dexter school library. Nineteen fleeces of wool were stolen from the barn of Hiram Mills, in Bridgewater, a few days ago. Over at Plymouth they are after the dog poisoners. Fifty dollars reward is offered for their conviction Loren Hodge, of Cone, committed suicide last week by hanging He was tired of life though but sixteen years old. Mrs. Z. L. Easton, of Cherry Hill, died June 15, aged eighty-six years. She had been a resident o that section over fifty years. Lightning struck the Baptist church in Clinton, Saturday before last, demolishing the spire. The ladies in the church at the time preparing the church for Children's day exercises were unharmed. Mrs. Laura Graves, of near Clinton, died June 18, aged eighty-two years. She had lived on the same place sixty-one years, the land having been taken up from the government and never having changed hands. The Catholics are organizing a young people's association and are making arrangements to have a club room and circulating library at thi place. Ed. Gorman was elected president and Thos. McCune, secretary. - Chelsea Standard. Dexter's Fourth of July celebration this year will be a corker. The orator of the day is Hon. George H. Sleator, of Alpena. The races tub, sack, etc., will be numerous while the fireworks will be immense All Dexter is interested and wil help to make the day a success. Chas. Morris, of Lima, has one o those "log cabin" buttons which the last presidential campaign brought before the people and the coming one will repeat. It is one that was cut from the coat of President Harrison's grandfather, by Joseph Morris, grandfather of its present possessor. - Ypsilanti Sentinel. Betsey Gregory, who lives southeast of town, it will be rememberec attempted suicide not long ago by taking paris green. Last Saturday night she sought to again destroy her life by cutting her throat with a razor. She made three considerable slashes but severed neither her jugular vein nor windpipe. She therefore still lives. - Grass Lake News. J. F. Weissinger has been elected president of the Saline Germán Workingmen's society for the coming year. The other officers are: M. Rentschler, vice-president; Geo. Schmidt, treasurer; Otto Jarrandt, secretary; Dr. C. F. Unterkircher, physician; A Lindenschmidt, banner carrier; and J. G. Ehnis, M. Seeger, G. A. Lindenschmidt, E. A. Hauser and W. Deringer, trustees. Lightning played some queer freaks in the eastern part of the village, Saturday. It struck a tree at John Hulet's under which was a chicken coop with a hen and chickens in it. We are told every nail was taken out of that coop, but that the inmates were unharmed. This must have been a McKinley hen. At Alexander Ellis' a hen and chickens beneath a tree were killed, but the tree was not damaged any. - Clinton Department of Tecumseh News. Last Saturday Sanford Shortridge brought into town seven baby skunks which he had captured. Landlord Nelson Rice bought them as an investment. Mr. Rice also has a mamma cat which had a family of small kittens. Since the skunkletts were brought into the family the oíd cat has mysteriously made way with her own offspring and adopted the little motherless skunks, and she, as well as the little strangers, seem perfectly contented. It is a strange sight, but one that may be seen by anyone who will call at the hotel, to see a cat nursing a lot of little skunks. - Milan Leader. Clyde Honley, a boy 6 or 7 years oíd, son of James Honley, who works in the foundry in Clinton, met with a serious accident, Tuesday afternoon. Shortly after 5 o'clock an explosión was heard, coming from the rear of Brown & Kishpaugh's hardware store. John Martiny saw the boy running with his clothing on fire and grabbed up a coat and wrapped it around him and smothered the flames. The boy held a box of matches in his hand and the accident was caused by his striking a match and holding it at the bung hole of a gasoline barrel, or dropping it inside. The barrel had been emptied that morning and there was probably a pint of gasoline left in it. The boy was so badly burned about the face that the skin hung down in strips. The hair was burned on the top of his head and his neck and breast were also badly burned. The boy will never try any more experiments with gasoline and matches. - Tecumseh News. At the home of George Laubengayer, in Freedom, on Monday last Mr. August Neyer, of Lodi, who is by trade a masón, was with several others engaged in building for Mr. L. a foundation wall for a barn. The wall was built close to a bank or side hill and had been carried up several feet. Between the wall and bank lay a few good sized stones which were to be broken and used. The men had just finished supper and returned to their work. Mr. Neyer with stone hammer in hand was bending over the large rock chipping pieces from its side when with no warning whatever a large quantity of dirt from the adjoining bank suddenly slid down upon him crushing his head against the stones and burying him beneath the earth. Help being on the spot no time was lost in digging him out, but too late, for life was extinct. The body was taken to his home in Lodi. Mr. Neyer was a well known and highly respected Germán farmer, fifty-two years of age.