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The Egg Plant

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The egg plant is of tropical origin, and for this reason succeeds best at the south. At the north the chief difficulty in growng it is the shortness of the season. It is only by starting the plants early and maintaining a vigorous growth that the arge sorts can be fruited satisfactorily. When well grown and properly cooked it is a delicious vegetable. The seed geriiimates slowly and should be started n a hotbed, and it is important to secure a rapid and continuous growth froin the irst, as the plants never fully recover "rom a check received when young. When the plants are two inches high ;hey should be transplanted into a second bed or into pots. Ferris' directions are: "When the plants have formed two rough leaves, transplant to three or four inches apart. Keep :he bed closed and very warm, shading Erorn the direct rays of the sun. Give abundance of water until the ground is warm, and all danger, not only from frost but frorn cold nights, ís past. Then harden off by gradual exposure to the sim. Uarefully transplant into very warm and rich soil, setting the plants two and a half f eet apart."


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