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ïhere are now 25 patients being treated at the hospital. A. P. Ferguson shipped a carload of road carts toSt. Louis, Tuesday. A section of the Cornwell pulp mill dam was taken down last Saturday. The Ann Arbor Arbeiter Verein has $2,629.26 to its credit and 144 members. Rev. L. P. Davis, D. D., will preach at the M. E. church next Sabbath morning. __ The prohibition county convention will be held in this city at one o'clock this afternoon. Mrs. Lyons. of Geddes avenue, was overcome by the heat, Tuesday, while picking berries. The east end of Felch street has received a dose of street scraper and is in fine condition. On next Thursday, August 4th, the Zion Sunday school will hold its annual picnic at Relief park. The little five months oíd daughter of Alderman John O'Mara died Wednesday morning of cholera infantum. Now the mercury having gone way up to 96 people feel like resorting to an ice house to keep f rom melting. The new engine which furnishes power for the electric street railway was started up Wednesday afternoon. A new crosswalk has been built across Broadway from the stores of "W. F. Lodholz to O'Hara, Boyle & Co. 's. The plank road bridge at Cornwell's pulp mili in Aun Arbor town was replanked, Monday evening, by James Butler. __ The work of redecorating St. Andrew's chnrch commenced this week. Mr. Stent, of New York, has charge of the work. The people on West Summit street are again agitating the matter of sidewalks, and with some prospect of success this time. Hairison Camp, of Ann Arbor town, feil from a load of hay, Wednesday, running the tines of a pitchfork through his leg. A patrón wants to know when those fish will be coming through the water pipes, so the water takers can have some l'or breakfcst. A tenement house belonging to Ira dippen, of Superior, was burned last Thursday. It'was insured for $330 in the Washteuaw Mutual. Letter carrier Chris Donnelly was atïected with the heat while carrying the mail and compelled to remain at home the first of the week. The city surveyor is,establishing the sidewalk grade on Brooks street, and flxing the boundaries for the extensión of Summit street to Brooks. Elam S. Worden has sold his house on Thompson street to Kev. Mr. Biadshaw, the f ather of the pastor of the Congregational church, tor $4,000. James D. Duncan died at his home on Miller avenue last Monday, aged sixty-one years. The funeral services were held Tuesday at his residence. The handsome new house of James E. Harkins, on North Main street, has recently received its final coat of paint and presents a very attractive appearance. _______ Charles Staebler will paint the third and fourth wai-d school buildings, O. O. Sorg, the second ward school building and William Ilerz, the janitor's building. The ïtoyer homestead at the corner of División and Aun streets was sold at auction, Monday. The magnificent property was bid in by üeorge Wahr for $7,300. A game of base ball lias been 1 ranged between the Detroit Pearls and the Aun Arbor Browns, to be played on the fair grounds next Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Kannenberg, of North First street, who has been seriously ill for about two months, is able to be out again. She is one of the most worthy and esteemed mothers in the third ward. The Combination Screen and Awning Co., which was organized in this city this spring, is doing a big business in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. Among their recent orders is one for a complete set of awnings lor the the Neat house at Ypsilanti. The IIuss family are bolding a family reunión lor a couple of weeks at their sister's, Mrs. Jacob Schairer, of Lima. Theodore and Miss Paulina, of Saginaw; Brnest, of Dayton, Ohio; Alfred, of Monroe; Eugene, of Akron, Ohio. and Miss Amelia, oí tliis city, are attending the reunión. A eow belonging to John Groff, of Bridgewater, was killed by lightning ast Sunday. The street commissioner is laying a flagstone crossing across División street at the junction with Detroit. This is one of the finest crossings in the city and is an improvement greatly needed. A train on the Lake Shore stru- the team of Charles Sloat in Manchester, Monday, killing one of the horses. Mr. Sloat and three others were thrown Erom the wagon but escaped serious injury. Regent Whitman has gone into the boating business in earnest this season. He is chairman of the regatta committee at Charlevoix. Ross Whitman holds the important position of ensign. The Delhi milis are to be put into first class condition and run tor all they are worth. The property is an excellent one and ought to yield many thousands of dollars to its new owners. - Dexter News. - - . . Williarn Salyer will move his bakery into new quarters at 32 East Huron street, next week. Tlie store has been entirely repapered and painted and new shelving put in, and promises to be an attractive place. A cement sidewalk is being constructed on the Fourth avenue and Washington street frontings of the brick buildingjand adjacent property owned by Mrs.'Behr, and Jfbincipally occupied by numerous milliners. John Stoll, acarpenter who had been employed on the law building, while going to the M. C. depot, Sunday, on a dray with his tooi chest, was thrown off the dray by a sudden lurch of the dray and his wrist was broken. Chester McGeddigan, a medical student, was severely injured on Friday evening on E. Washington street by stumbling over the debris of the new sidewalk before Zuern's butclier shop, while running to catcli a street car. The organist of the Ladies' Ilive of Maccabees is Mrs. Edward Crouch, and she is an excellent musician. She acquired her musical educatiou in England, and with her husband, has recently arrived from that country. There are severa! large real estáte deals in the air at present. Among the pieces which it is proposed to plat and place on the market are the fine Milieu hornestead on Washtenavv avemie and the Eberbach propcrty on Packard stveet. Burglars entèred the street car office by a rear window, ïuesday evening, between five and six o'clock, while the cashierwas at supper. The thieves cut open a drawer, but found nothing but a few tickets, when they were evidently frightened away. Lightning, last Sunday, struck the large bain on the Lapham farm in southern Manchester and the bain and ddjoining buildings with their contents were burned. The buildings were insured for $1,800 in the Soutnern Washtenaw Farmers' Mutual. On Tuesday evning the Ladies of the Maccabees perpetrated the goat act upon three candidates, and have ñve more awaiting their merciless manipulations in the near future. After the initiations were completed the Oriental degree was conferred upon a member of the Qufeen City hive. The Lady Commander of the Hive of Ladies of the Maccabees, of tfcis city, furnishes the information that the states of Michigan and New York now have a membership aggregating 10,200 in these branches of thé Maccabee order. These are the only states in which they have asyetbeen instituted. The store of W. F. Lodholz, on Broadway, was burglarized, Wednesday evening, and $15.97 taken froin the money drawer. The burglars luid entered by breaking a pane of gla&s, reaching in and milocking the door. On coming out they locked the door. The burglars were undoubtedly local talent. The supretne court has reversed t he decisión in the case of Kate L. Mooie against Wilíred B. Thompson, of Salem. 8he case was ohe for stander and was tried twice in this circuit, the jury disagreeing the lirst time and giving Mis. Moore a verdict for S2,50) on the second trial. The case will probably be tried again. Miss Katie Brogan, the youngest daughter of John Brogan,of Pittsfield, died last Monday morning, of pneumonía, at the age of twenty-nine years. lier remains were taken to Hudson for interment. She was a yomig lady of estimable qualities and leavea au iching void in the hearts of many relatives and friends. Union services of the Ypsilunti churches will be held in the newM. E. church of that city, next Snnday evening, July 31. Kev. II. M. Morey of the Presbyterian church will preach the sermón, and a special song service given under the direction of Mr. and i Mrs. Clinton Eider, of New York city. A cordial invitation is extended to all. The bridge across the mill-race on Sumruit street is in a more or less dangerouseondition, and the street commissioner having been notified, is now construeting a new bridge. The fishing is iinproving every day in Aim Arbor and it is not necessary to go to the reservoir for üsh now. Yesterday Pat Scully, norse at the hospital, íound a good sized niinnow in the water pipe. The fish was too large to get through the valve and was discovered when Scully took the valve ofl tosee why the water wouldn't run freely. The lightning during the th under storm of last Thursday struck the trolley wire of the street car line, burning the wire in two on Washtenaw avenue. Two of the cars rece! ved severe shocks, the car of motorneer .lames, in which there was n6 one besides himself , benig the nearest and getting the full force of the lightning. No one was injured. Michael F, Goetz died of softening Df the brain, last Friday evening, at tlie resideuce of his uncle, John Goetz. He was a printer by trade, twenty-one years of age and had worked in the Journal, Courier, Argus and Register artices. He was a quiet, industrious workman greatly respected by those who knew him. ïlie funeral was held Siuulay f rom the Lutheran church. Tuesday evening, Louis Becker and Franz Kapp became involved In a quarrel in the saloon of the latter on Liberty street, during which Becker was struck on the liead with a beer bottle by Kapp and for a time it was thought he was seriously injured. Dr. Kapp was called and found Becker's skull slightly fractured in two places. Kapp was placed in the custody of au ofiicer. The validity of the dog shooting ordinance is about to be tested in court. Geo. Higgins, whose grayhound was shot by Marshal Knope, July lltli, has sued the marshal for $100 damage and the examination will be held in Ann Arbor tomorrow. As we understand the case, the dog escaped from the house while unmuzzled and came down town aftera member of the family, and the marshal seeing him on the street, uQmuzzled, shot him as the ordinance instructed. In the discussion which aiose over the shooting, different opinions were freely and fiercely expressed and some of the statements made l).v ex-marshal Tubbs have been excepted to by the present marshal who wants damages to the amount of $100. lie has also begun action against Mr. ïubbs for using improper