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Securing Good Combs

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I have tried all marmer of ways to get good combs the cheapest way - by placing the empty frame in and letting the bees build the whole comb, and have put foundation in from two inches wide up to the whole width of frames, and have positively decidedin favor of whole sheets of foundation. The cheapest way is to get them all ready wired in at the factory. Having secured your frames and foundation the next thing isto have them drawn out. The best time for this is when the hive is full of bees and some honey is coming in. I have secured the best combs in the following manner: For a strong colony remove the two outside frames and place one frame with foundation in the second space from each end. Should the frames removed contain brood and many bees they can be hung in the second story. These sheets of foundation will usually be drawn in and out from one to three days, then more can be given in like manner. If the bees are slow in drawing the foundation out only one frame should be given at one time. I have had combs entirely built out in a single night. The quicker they are drawn out better the combs will be, writes a correspondent of Ohio Farmer. It is ruinous to land to sow the same kind of erop on it year after year. A judicious change from one erop to another brings the most satisfactory results. Oats sown after wheat and com after oats is f ound to be a good variation on the same piece of gronnd. j


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