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Two Cabbage Heads From One Plant

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I. A. Root tells in his Gleanings how to do it. He says: Set your Jersey Wakefield on the richest land, and when tiie heads are ready to sell cut out the head, leaving all the outside leaves attached to the stump; thatis, cut out the head so a to have no leaves to strip off and throw away, for the leaves are all left on the 6tump. Now keep cultivating these stumps along with the other cabbages that have not yet headed, and very soon small heads will start out on the stump. Pull off all these little heads but the best one, and this will soon make a head as good as and maybe better than the flrst one. I presume this is not new to ïnany of you, unless it is the picking off of all the little heads except one. These second erop heads will, many of them, mature so late that they may be wintered over in the usual way


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