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So long as a child is f retful and peevisk in illness it is not usually in immediate danger; but if the littíe one lies eupine, with the eyes turned upward and the tongue lying flat in the mouth, the danger is imminent. So long as the tongue cleaves to the roof of the mouth there is hope, rarely otherwise. When a child takes a sudden cold and breathes with a catch, as if his lnngs were closed almost up to the top and has carmine spots on his cheeks, do your utmost, for pneumonía is threatened. When you are aroused about midmight hearing a hoarse, barking, rasping cough, with great difficulty drawing in each breath, you will find your child with the croup, that dreadful scourge of little ones. Hot water on neck and chest, sirup of squills until vomiting ensues, hot foot baths and a hurried visit from the doctor. When a child takes a chili, and in s(ead of trembling and shaking simply turns blue and rigid with set teeth and fixed eyes, know that it is a congestivo chil], which calis for the most rapid and horough treatnien.t to keep the little spa.rk of life alight. Hot mustard bath, rnbbing and hot bottles and ginger tea, perháps a little hot brandy and water, are áll that you 'can do until the doctor comes. Again when the little soft form suddeiüy becomes rigid in your arms, the eyes.iolled upward, the lips and hands, perhaps the whole body, begins twitching and writhing, you must know your baby is in convulsiona. Think quickly, then. Has he had some indigestible food? Are his bowels clogged? If the first try to get him to swallow some warm salt and water. If the other a warm enema, and have a bath prepared as warm as possible and put him in it. and send for your doctor. He may come out of one convulsión only to go into another until his frail little frame is racked beyond endurance, and you hold only the waxen image of your child. But when one knows how to detect the symptoms instantly and act promptly the chances of life are doubled.


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