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E. B. Hall went to Defiance, O., Monday. Rice A. Beal is spending a week at Walled lake. Col. E. W. Bowen, of Ypsilanti, was in the city, Monday. Eugene Best, of Minneapolis, is the guest of Oscar Schmid. Dr. M. C. Sheehan, of Detroit, has been in the city this week. Mrs. M. E. Cooley left Monday for a visit at Rochester, N. Y. Fred McOmber left Monday for a two weeks' stay at Old Mission. Prof. Walter S. Perry returned last Friday from his Eastern trip. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Adams returned home from Jackson, Monday. Adolph J. Diehl, of Chicago, is visiting relatives in the city, this week. Mrs. W. W. Watts returned Sunday evening from a week's visit near Wayne. G. W. Steffee, of Indianapolis, Ind., is visiting his brother, M. M. Steffee. Robert Wetzel, of Calumet, is in the city visiting his parents for a month. J. J. Quarry returned f rom a pleasure trip by boat to Duluth, Saturday. Hon. Edward Duffy and daughter left for Marquette via the lakes, Saturday. Miss Mary Dunlap, of Whitmore Lake, is visiting Ann Arbor friends this week. Miss Bena Seyler is visiting her sister, Mrs. Fowler, at Detroit for a few weeks. J. H. Cutting and family left Monday for Boston and other eastern points. Miss Sadie Sweetman, of Meadeville, Pa., is visiting friends in this city and Delhi. J. J. Goodyear and wife, and E. H. Scott and family left Monday for Old Mission. ■ Miss Ruth Durheim, of this city, left here, Tuesday, on a two weeks' trip up the lakes. George P. Jenkins, of Owosso, spent Sunday in the city with his father and' brother. Mrs. Julia Gormley left Wednesday for Springfield, 111., where she will hereafter reside. Philip Bach returned from a month's visit at Las Vegas, N. M., the first of the week. J. C. Watts, of East Saginaw, spent a portion of this week with his family in this city. Fred W. Schulz and family, fo Detroit, are vfsiting relatives in the city for a week or two. Miss Mary L. Kearney, who has been visiting in Detroit for three weeks, has returned home. Mr. and Mrs. Holstein, of Detroit, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Dietas for a few days. Dr. W. H. Dorrance is attending the meeting of the National Dental Association at Niágara Falls. Mrs. Doig, of West Huron street, went to South Lyon on business last week, remaining several days. Mrs. George Brown, of Ypsilanti, and Miss Mamie Murby, of Detroit, were guests in the city, Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. John Travis returned Sunday evening from a trip to Duluth and around the lakes. Mrs. E. S. Firestone and daughter, of Des Moines, Iowa, are visiting at her mother's, Mrs. A. Kearney's. Rev. Henry Tatlock and family left yesterday for North Lake, where they will camp out for three or four weeks. Mrs. Louis Blitz returned to Detroit, Saturday, after having spent several days with her sister, Mrs. S. S. Blitz. Miss Sara Whedon left Tuesday for an extended trip to Milwaukee, northern Wisconsin and upper Michigan. Gus. Blaess, son of Albert Blaess, of Lodi, will visit Denver during the conclave of the Knights Templar in that city. Mrs. JacobjWild, of LaPorte, Ind., who has been visiting her father, A. Hammond, of Broadway, has returned home. Willis Clark and Elias Saddler left yesterday morning for Hastings, Barry county, on a prolonged visit to relatives tnere. Geo. W. Millen, general agent of the Imperial Life Insurance company, of Detroit, spent Sunday with his mother in this city. Prof. A. B. Prescott and H. J. Brown left Monday evening to attend the meeting of the Michigan Pharmaceutical Association at Grand Rapids. Sam Langsdorf and E. H. Eberbach returned Monday from a two weeks' stay at the Keystone club house, Zukey Lake. They had lots of fun and now teil bigger fish stories than anybody. I. R: Miner and J. R. Bach returned Saturday from a trip to Marquette but neither stayed in Ann Arbor very long. Mr. Bach left with his family to spend a couple of weeks at Zukey lake, Monday, while Mr. Miner left on the same day to join his family at Strait's lake.