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August A Month Of Money Saving AT THE BÜSY STOEE OF We are the People that AÏWays Make the Lou'est Pricesi At the Wash Goods Counter. We are se'.Hng best quality ioc Ginghams at 5 cents a yard. Last week we cut up over 50 pieces of these pretty Ginghams. We are selling choicestyles roe Sea-Side Flannels at 6c a yd. We are selling Sea-Side Canvass Cloth, the i2c quality at 6c a yard. Ladies. have you seen those lovely China Silks, 24 inches wide, in light and dark grounds.'small figures, worth $1.00, and selling now at 60c a yard? We are selling Black Silk Grenadines, worth $1.00, at 50c a yard. We are selling White Dotted Swiss Muslin, worth 40c, at 2c a yard. We are selling Dragon Fast Black Uwns, worth 15c, for 10c a yard. Some People say Embroidered Flouncings Are not good this season. We have sold during the, past ten days over 300 pieces , f -more than all the stores in Ann Arbor have sold in three years. Plewe don ask where we got them, or what We paid for them-they are dirt cheap. Just think of buying 45 & Embroidered Flouncings, worth Soc to 74c, for 2oc V" 45-inch Flouncings, worth $1.00 to S1.50, for 75c a yd, and 45 Uu Black Embro.dered Flouncings at 29c a yard. At the Lace Counter We Are Puiling Down the Prices. One lot 9-inch Black Chantilly Flouncings, worth 50c, at 15c a yard. One lot i2-inch Black Silk Chantilly Flouncings, worth 75c, at 25c a yard. One lot pure Silk Mitts at 15c a pair. 50 pieces Point D'Irlande Lace at ioc, 15c and 25c a yard. 25 pieces White Victoria Lawitó at 6c. 8c and ioc a yard. 50 pieces Twill Toweling at 3ÍC a yard. Dressmakers. How Are These Prices? DeLong's Hooks and Eyes, ioc a card. Stockinet Seamless Dres Shielils, ioc a pair. Rubber Dress Protectors, worth 40c, now 19c a pair. English Satine Silesia, the 25c quality, now 15c a pair. 5oo remnants Velveteen, worth 25c, for ioc a pie-e. Black Sewing Silk (!OO yards) at Sc a spool. Ladies' Shirt Waists. One Lot Fancy Waists, worth 50c, at2gc each. White Lawn Waists at 75c, JS1.00 to $2.00 each. Fine Satine Waists at #1.00 and $1.50 each. Black Gloria Silk Waists at $2.oo each. Fine Surah Silk Waists at $3.50 and $4 00 each. Thou.ands of yards of Dress Goods and Silks marked down to close out th,s monih . ___ _ _„.,. -, , . n -KirZII -.- The Bakgain Givers Schairer & Milieu, ofannaEBoe.


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