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The Democratie county convention for the purpose of electing delegates to the state, congressional and senatorial conventions was held at the court house, Wednesday, full delegations being present from each of the various townships in the county. The convention was called to order at eleven o'clock by Jas. R. Bach, chairman of the county committee, M. T. WoodrufE, of Ypsilanti, being chosen temporary chairman, and Gustave Brehm, of Ann Arbor, temporary secretary. The chairman appointed the following committees: Credentials - F. E. Mills, Pittsfield; D. P. McLachlan, York; HiramLighthall, Sylvan; Permanent organization and order of business- T. D. Kearney, Ann Arbor; F. P. Bogardus, Ypsilanti; Thos. Young, Lyndon; Resolutions - S. W. Beakes, Ann Arbor; Thos. Moran, Manchester; Michael Howard, Superior. The convention then took a recess until 1:0 o'clock. In the afternoon the convention reconvehed and the temporary officers were made permanent, after which the committee on credentials reported the following delegates entitled to seats in the convention: ANN ARBOR CITY. First ward- J. R. Bach, E. Wagner, J. F. Schuh, S. W. Beakes, M. C. Peterson, W. W. Watts, Arthur Brown, B. F. Watts. Second ward- T. F. Hutzel, M. Staebler, William Herz, Ross Granger, William Wagner, Gustave Brehm, Sid W. Millard. Third ward- Wm. H. Mclntyre, Robert Shannon, James Kearns. John Ryan, Charles Dwyer, William Niethammer. Fourth ward- William Walsh, William J. Miller, T. D. Kearney, J. D. Ryan, John Baumgardner, D. Cramer. Fifth ward- Walter Taylor, F. O'Hearn, C. H. Manly. Sixth ward- M. J. Cavanaugh James E. Duffy, E. B. Norris, L. J. Liesemer. ANN ARBOR TOWN. J. J. Parshall, Henry Braun, C. L. Tuomey, M. J. Lehman, B. F. Cole, Wm. Conrath. AUGUSTA. F. J. Hammond, Samuel Killenbeck, P. H. O'Brien, Charles Doss, Dr. Post, John Hitchingham, E. D. Minzey. BRIDGEWATER. Philip Blum, William Walter, E. D. Fenn, Charles Johnson. DEXTER. Jacob Jedele, Byron Green, NichDlas Reed. FREEDOM. Jacob Knapp, William Beuerle, Michael P.Alner, Frank R. Koebbe. LIMA. William Covert, W. S. Whittaker, W. H. Dancer. LODI. Michael Sage, Lester Sweetland, James Sage, Jacob Birkle, Philip Bluru, sr., P. Blum, jr. LYN'DON. James S. Gorman, Thomas Young, ir.. Charles Stapish. MANCHESTER. John Dresselhouse, M. D. Case, M. B. Wallace, John Kensler, Henry Kirchofer, James Kelly, Thomas Moran, George Miller. NORTHFIELD. George Kempf, John Gerlach, John Smith, David O'Brien, James Maroney, H. Robinson. PITTSFIELÜ. J. G. Bonnet, J. C. Schmid, F. E. Mills, A. D. Budd, C. H. Roberts. SALEM. Thomas Shankland, T. H. Murray, A. D. Chisholm, S. D. Chapín, Berner Hooper. SALINE. J. M. Young, D. Klein, jr., John Lutz, George Feldkamp, John Gillen, E. W. Wallace, J. A. Alber, F. E. Jones. SCIO. S. Gregory, John Costello, Dr. Lee, A. T. Hughes, William AprilL John D. Wagner, William, C. Coy. SHARON. W.B. Osborne, Charles Fisk, Lambiprt Gieske, Lambert Uphause. SUPERIOR. D. 6. Nanry, M. J. Howard, Peter f. Gilí, Charles Arnold, Justin A. "Gale. SYLVAN. William Caspary, J. Aiken, P. J. Lehman, Charles Whittaker, M. Merkei, Chauncey Hummel, Tim McKone, H.Lighthall, F. J. Riggs, Thos. McKone. WEBSTER. John Conlon, James Armstrong, James Welch. YORK. Alfred Davenport, E. D. Warner, A. D. Mclntyre, James Doyle, M. J. Kelsey, Joseph Gauntlett, W. J. Rainey, D. P. McLachlan, George Coe. YPSII.A.NTI TOWN. W. W. Vorhees, H. Stumpenhusen, W. E. Bell, Philetus Case, Caleb Eaton, Geo. H. Savery. YPSII.ANTI CITY. First ward - George Palmer, L. M. Dugan, J. W. Babbitt, Charles Damon, sr., Adam Schaner, Lorenzo Jones. Second ward- Dr. William Pettison, M. T. Woodruff, F. P. Bogardus, Zina Buck. Third ward- Henry T. Coe, Bernard Kirk, Tracy D. Towner, Fred W. Hawkins, C. D. Wilcoxon. Fourth ward - F. J. Swaine, B. Shaper, John Shemeld. Fifth ward- Geo. C. Richel, John Terns, Chas. Fulton, Joe Meyers, Wm. F. Smith. Amidst great enthusiasm the following resolutions vvere presented by the committee and unanimously adopted by the convention. "The Democrats of Washtenaw n convention assembled reitérate ;heir faith in the grand Democratie principies laid down in the national platform and pledge a united suj# port to those great Democratie chieftrv-. Grover Cleveland and Adlai E. Stevenson, with a majoríty the largest ever given presidential candidates in this county. "We cali attention to the reduction intaxation achieved by a Democratie state administraron. "We pledge our party to econotnical administration, both state and national, and a heavy reduction in the taxation which burdens our people. "We affirm our faith in the Democratie party as the party of the people and oppose all class and monopolistic legislation. "We request our delegates to the congressional convention to use all honorable means to secure the renomination of Washtenaw's loyal son, James S. Gorman. "We commend James L. Lowden, who has ably represented this county in the state legislature, as a candidate for senator from the tenth trict. S. W. Beakes, Thos. F. Moran, M. J. Howard, Committee. The following delegates-at-large were then elected to the several conventions: State.- S. W. Beakes, of Ann Arbor, and J. Willard Babbitt, of Ypsilanti. Congressional. - L. J. Liesemer, of Ann Arbor, and Jas. L. Lowden, of Ypsilanti Town. Senatorial.- Charles H. Manly, of Ann Arbor, and Nathaniel Schmid, of Manchester. The convention then divided into representative districts and eiecteo. delegates to the various conventions which were afterwards confirmed by the convention. FIRST DISTRICT. State Convention. - Jas. R. Bach, Fred H. Belser, C. R. Whitman, M. J. Cavanaugh, J. D. Ryan, W. H. Mclntyre, Ann Arbor; Thomas McQuillen, Dexter; Charles Stapish, Lyndon. Congressional Convention. - M. J. Lehman, Ann Arbor Town; Gustave Brehm, Arthur Brown, Edward Duffy, Zachary Roath, Ann Arbor; Jacob Knapp, Freedom; Wm. Caspary, Chelsea; Jacob Jedele, Dexter. Senatorial Convention.- Timothy McKone, Chelsea; Thomas Young, Lyndon; C. S. Gregory, Dexter; A. T. Hughes, Scio; Philip Duffy, Northfield; Frank Koebbe, Freedom; C. L. Tuomey, Ann Arbor Town; Charles Whittaker, Sylvan. SECOND DISTRICT. State Convention. - Peter T. Gill, Superior; Thomas Moran, Manchester; Evan Begole, Ypsilanti Town; F. E. Mills, PittsfieldjAlfredDavenport, York; M. T. Woodruff and Fred Swaine, Ypsilanti; Jas. S. Cavanaugh, Sharon. Congressional Conve ntio n - Henry Hammond, Saline; Wrn. Patterson and Zina Buck, Ypsilanti; Henry Stumpenhausen, Ypsilanti Town; Charles Arnold, Superior; Joseph Gauntlett, York; Wm. B. Osborn; Sharon; Nathaniel Schmid, Manchester. Senatorial Convention. - Michael Sage, Lodi; L. E. Foerster and W. E. Bell, Ypsilanti; D. P. McLachlan, York; Manley Young, Saline; fas. Kelley, Manchester; E. S. Fenn, Bridgewater; P. G. Sukey, Pittsfield. Following the discussion oL the advisability of instructing delegates, Prof. Stuart McGibbon, of Marshall, addressed the convention, which then adjourned. NOTES. Chairman Woodruff made a good presiding officer. The convention was one of the largest ever held here. More interest was taken in the naming of delegates to the convention than usual. The Democrats from all the townships brought good reports of Democratie prospects in the fall. There were over twenty candidates for county office in attendance on the convention. The canvas for county offices seems to be a göod natured one. The speech of Congressman Gorman raised cheer after cheer. I'.vidently the convention was thoroughly with him. The interest feit in attending state conventions is an encouraging sign. When the state was Republican, search had to be made for men who would go. There is now no trouble in finding them.


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