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Washtenaw's Past Political Majorities

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Washtenaw has not always been as reliable a Democratie county as she is uow. The last time the Republicans carried it on the state ticket, however, was in 1878, when Croswell got 99 plurality here. Previous to 1876 the county was not to be relied upon f or the Democratie presidential candidate. A glimpse at past majorities in the county maybe interesting. In 183(5, the flrst presidential election in Michigan, Van Buren, democrat, had 605 majority. In 1840, Harrison, whig, had 470 In 1844 the democrats got ahead again and gave Polk 102. In 1848 the held on by the skin of their teeth givingCassöl. In 1862 they did Letter and gave Pierce 380. Butin 1856 the Republicana swept the county with 747 for Fremont and repeated the dose in 1S60 with 656 for Lincoln. In 1864 the Democrats got their second wind and came to the front with 204 for McClellan. They lost a little ground in 186S and gave Seymour but 33. In 1872 the I)eiiHui;its staid at home and I Graat had 1 ,077 majority in the county. Aftert&at the Uemocrats took hold in car,(ist and Tílden's majority in '76 was562; lhmcoek's in '80, 165; ClevelancVsinS4, 1,2s5íthd Cleveland' in '88, 983. To sum up, in the fmnteen presidential elections, the Democrats have cairied the county ten times, the Republicans three tinjes and the Whigs onee. On governor the plurality record since ïitö-l is as roüows: 1864.. Bingham, K 699 1860 Blntfham, H 558 1858 IWisner, H 330 lSflli Blnir, K 50 isftí Stout, D 385 188 Fenton, D 301 1860 Crapo, R 236 1868.. Moore, D 80 1870 Comstook.D 319 1872 BaKle-, H 977 187 Chamberlain, D 56.3 1876 .Webber, D 618 1T8 Croswell, R 99 Holloway, I) 670 Begole, D 1128 1S84 üopole, D 1325 Yaple, D 109U 1888 liurt, D 923 1890 Winaus, D 1888


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