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The New Legislative Apportionment

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Wj&sktenaw county has been placed witu Jaekeon county in the new senatorial apportionment passedlastSaturcUiy. The district of course is Democratie, though Jackson county is about 400 Uepublicau, although the Democrats carried it in '84 ly 648. Monroe county, our old neighbor, is placed in witu -Lena wee county, which also makes that a Democratie district. The senatorial apportionment passed the senate vith only three votes against it. The Washtenaw-.Tackson district bas the largest population of any of inatorial district, H7,241. The Aljfésa district has the smallest, 47,Both the Hepublican and cratíc papers claim tliat the apportionweut is a very fair one. Tlie apportionmeiit is made under the rules laid dowu Vy the coustitution, and yet this district luis nearly doublé the population of the small est district. In 184 rats carried 16 districts and ihe República ns lt. In 188H eacli side 16 districts, though two diswhich went Hepublican in '84 went Democratie in "Sfi and two trici.3 whièh went Democratie in M went Kepublican in '86. In 1893, the ilistr.icts went Republican 20, Democratie 12, and in 1890 they went Democratie 20, Bepubliean 12. It will be seen that the next senate will probably be close with a good fighting chance for each party to carry it. In the house apportionment, Washtenaw, Jackson, Monroe and Lenawee have each two epresentatives. It is hard to figure out the political complexion of the house, as that of course depends upon the división of the counties entitled to two or more representatives. The Argus after looking over the counties makesthe guess that it leaves the house with a majority of 10 or lesa eitlier way. The Detroit Tribune of Monday editorially presents the Republican claim as follows: Senate, llepublican, Democratie, 10; doubtf ui, 4. House, Republican, 61; Democratie, 34; doubtf ui 4 To show how unfair this estímate 'is, it is only necessary to give one or two instances. The Tribune puts the tifth district,LenaweeandMonroe, down as surely Republican. It is trae the Republicans carried that district in 18S8 by a plurality of 294, bui the district went Democratie in '84 '86 and -90 by pluralities of 35, 544 and 1,000. The fourteenth district, which the Tribune also claims as sure Republiek went Democratie in '86 and '90. Other instances may be given in the senatorial districts. The same unfairness of estímales may be instanced in reference to the house. The Tribune gives both representatives in ienawee as surely Eepublican. That depends upon the apportionment of Democratie board of supervisors. If LenaweeiBtolrly apportioned, the Democrats may carry one district. The Tribune gives both representatives In Ionia to the Republicana. Ionia county gave a Democratie majority in 84, and '90. The Tribune gives both representatives in Oakland to the Republicans. The Republican majonty ín Oakland in '88 tor governor was only 31, and the Democrats camed . it that year for president by 21. Ia . 86 and '90 the county was Democratie. It doesn't seem within the bounds of possibility that any board of supervisors can divide a Democratie county so as to make both districts surely Republican. A number of other similar nstances may be given, but enough has been said to show that the Republican who relies upon the Tribuna estímate is very apt to get left.


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