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Weak, Nervous Men

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_. , -j_ TOC, who have ben humbugged by the ' Electric Belts," " Fellow Suf "w - ferer," "'Crayon." "Vacuüm," "Nervine," " ff UnilfiDIDIC Cure " quacks, and who have f ouod yourself growV tA nUNUnADLL ng worseami woiw, You, wbo have given upi-. i- __ 'ÏMB . destjair sayinE. " I am doomed; there is no b:ipe 'at Pf for me;" to you I say: LP, and SATÉ TOIKSÏLF! THfcBK IS HO"K! i S Wífí THEBK IS A CUKE ! No matter what you tiave taken or who has t Ji6:. ia9 to cure you. write me a f uil history of your cas ' C}#r end send for Book (f reo) CilPPCC'C'Llil and QoMtion Llt. y Wl TboDiandi Cured. oUbULOOlUL Korljr jean' experleore. VíSk 1 Consult the Old Doctor AH PrlTU, KerTOim and 4a , CHBOHIC DISKiSES of either sm skillfully aud successf ully treated uiitl l -'-- í a care guaranteed in every curable c.tse. Marrled men or thove about. i liflSflB uurry, who dreait their weakness or im-apacity, or whose blood is loadl Ri with impurltieB transmissible tn offapriu, should - "■ Wt0consult the celebraled Dr. ('lrko at, once. TDC ATMf NT BH sultation personally or by letter, f ree and I nLlt I III L11 I dential. Medicines sent every where, secure from .. Establitbed 1861. ezposure. A frieodiy letter may aíd yon and direct you tohealth. Addrtsi! OR. F. D. CLARKE. Merrill 3Jock, cor.woodHjir.r.nATfc, Detroit,


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