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The Republicans in their desperation to explain the lowest price of wool known in years under the high protection of the McKinley billhave claimed that wool had largely fallen off in price the world over. Ttiis is completely answered in the Livingston Democrat which quotes good Republican authority: The American consul general at Melbourne, Australia - and by the way he is a staunch Republican - in his report to the state departraent under date of March 15U1, 1892, gave details of the wool season of 1891-92, and shows the quantity produced and prices paid. He gives "current rates" for the different grades of wool, and that our readers may see the prices obtained in Australia we quote his figures, first on greasy Merino per pound, as follows: Superior and very superior. ..25 to 30c Average aud good 18 to 23c Medium to fair 14 to 17c A favorite grade of sheep in Australia is what is known as "crossbred," and the current prices per pound on the unwashed wool they produce are given by Mr. Wallace as follows: Superior .23 to 29c Good 18 to 22c Médium 14 to 17c The prices show that wool in Australia, without one cent of tariff, is higher than it is in the United States under the exorbitant tariff levied by the McKinley bilí. No greasy Merino has brought 25 to 30 cents in the United States this season. In fact the best grades of greasy Merinos and crossbreds brought more there than the best washed wools sold for in the United States if the figures given by the Republican consul general are correct.


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