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The Republicans Voted For It

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One of the planks of the state republican convention readsasfollows: "We condemn the Democratie party for much legislation which is a disgrace to any civilized people, prominent among which is the law lowering the cost of illuminating oils, at the dictation of the Standard Oil Co." There's nothing like being demagogical. The person who drafted those resolutions was a demagogue. The convention showed its willingness to perpétrate a fraud, and to créate a false impression when it adopted those resolutions. There is legislation that is political in its nature. The re-districting of senatorial or representative districts is purely political. But the legislation relative to oil had no party significance whatever, any more than that of making appropriations for the university. The fact is, the bill was purely a "farmers' bilí, ' and it passed both houses with but four Republican negative votes. It passed the house unanimously. In the senate its most ardent advocate was Mr. Milnes, of Coldwater, and the most earnest, persistent and determined opponent of the bill was Senator Morrow, (a üemocrat). E. J. Smith, editor of the Press and former state oil inspector, was an expert witness, as was A. W. Smith, of this city, each vigorously opposing the lowering of the test. Only four .Republican senators voted on the final passage of the bill, and when it first went through we believe there was not a negative vote. There is no use now of discussing the merits of the bill. The writer believes the test is high enough. Oil at the present test is far cheaper to the consumer at ten cents than the high test was at 15 cents. Besides, the high test oil, at 15 centsagallon, isfor saleeverywhere, but the people will not use it. Nor do we know as the high test makes oil any more expensive. Oil at 120 test sells the same as gasolinc at 80 test. Each retails for ten cents per gallon. haps the extra hazardous nature o: gasoline makes its handling more expensive. But because kerosene has been lowered in price from 15 to 10 cents, the farmers are not going to condemn the Democratie party They are satisfied that the Standarc 011 Co. prefer to sell the high pricec oil. They know that the wholesale difference in price is onlyhalfacen per gallon more for high test than for the present test. Oil at 120 test is not as safe as oil of 150, but the present Michigan test is as high as that of any other state in the union except one. However it was not with a view of defending the present test, but to show the absurd, longeared demagoguery that characterized the resolution that we refer to the action of the convention. And right on the adoption of the resolutions came Senator Milnes, and asked to be made the candidate for lieutenant governor. And he received nearly -izo votes for it too. -


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