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Dormitories At The World's Fair

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Ihe board of lady managers have been desirous to carry out the design of congress in creating it, and the intent of the National Commission in prescribing its duties. The commission said in defining the duties of the board. "The board shall have general charge and management of all interests of women in connection with the exposition." In conformity with this, Mrs. Palmer called a meeting of all the lady managers resident in Chicago to consider what could be done for the great army of women that will visit Chicago during the fair, especially those known as "industrial women," "wageearners"and"workinggirls." It was feit that after reduced travelling rates had been secured the next duty would be to procure for these women good, clean, safe homes, at reasonable rates. The plan is to erect buildings adjoining the fair grounds capable of sheltering 5,000 women, the rooms to be furnished with comfortable beds and toilet conveniences. These dormitories will be presided over by refined motherly women who will have a watchful care over unprotected girls who may come singly or in groups. In order to accomplish this work a stock company has been formec and shares are issued at $10 per share. These shares will be taken at any dormitory of this association in payment for lodging bilis, ├╝nly two persons will be allowed to come at one time on a single share. These shares will be transferable, and if the face value is not used by the holder during her stay it can be made over to another who can use the balance. After the ten dollars has been used, the share still stands on the books of the association credited to the holder and she will be entitled to her pro rata share of the profits if a surplus remains after the enterprise is closed. For further information send for circulars to 409 Rand & MacNally building, Chicago, 111.


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