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A Mckinley Tariff Drama In Five Acts

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Act I - Scène, Congress, October, 1890 (duties raised). McKinley increases the duty on oatmeal froin half a cent to one cent per pound in the interests of several large oatmeal manufacturera of Ohio. Act II - Scène, Columbus, O., January, 1891 (trust formeel under the headng, "All the Oatmeal Mills Consoliated"). The New York Tribune decribes what occurred as follows: "Inoi-poration papers were filed at Columus today for the Consolidated Oatmeal ompany, with a capital of $3,500,000. Jl the oatmeal milis of the country are lus brought under one management, with headquarters at Akron, O. Act III- Scène, Factory (wages reuced). Soon after the formation of the ust the wages of tlie men and women mployed in the Akron milis, the largest in the trust, were torced to accept a large reduction in wages. Some have been oompelled to submit to three reductions since the opening of the first act. Act IV- Scène, Offices of the trust (prices raised). Oatmeal that sold for $4.90 per barrel bef ore the trust was formed, now sells as high as $7.40 per barrel. Act V- Ravenna, O., April 1, 1892 (factories closed). The Quaker milis, with a daily capacity of 400 barrels, have been closed by the trust for an indefinito period and 100 men are thrown out of employment.


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