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Prevention Of Swarming

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No practical method has been discovered f or either preventing or controlJing natural swanning. We have been told of the queen restrictors, of clipping the wings of queens or the "jump" method, and how swanning is prevented j by extracting from the brood chamber, etc. All these have some effect in j tarding and preventing the issue of a natural swarm, that of extracting from the brood combs being the most effectnal. When an apiary is worked for ■comb honey it is not advisable to disturb the brood nest. A colony seized ynth. the swarming fever will surely swarm, even though there is an unlimited amount of surplus room in the hive. It is when the bees have this fever that a method for preventiou of swarming is needed. The queen trap is the only thing that "will serve the apiarist when he has his hives all equipped with sections, and is ■either away from home or very bnsy. If not ready to attend to hiving a swarm when one issues, it will not be necessary to do so if there is a trap on the hive. If a swarm issues from a hive provided with sections, the combs ought not to be disturbed for three days, at which timo the queen cells should be removed, and the queen that came off with the swarm Teintroduced. Any other queen will do as well, and can be safely given the bees if a change of queens is desirable. Ne swarm will issue from that hive until the nest


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