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Dry fresh wood ashes sifted over cabbages, radishes, potato vines, etc, will drive off fleas, beetles, slugs, etc. Be sure to set the young plants in fresh, loose soil, and do not forget to firm the earth close about the plants. Whenever this is practicable do j-our transplanting after sunset and just before a rain. Remember that short, 3tocky plants make the most vigorous growth. S. Woodward says that sheep are the best of insect and weed exterminators and destroyers of aprouts and suckers. The farmer who wages warfare upon birds often destroys his best friends. They do more to keep down our insect enemies than all the insecticides and spraying devices yet invented. Beekeepers will generally find that early shipments of honey- September and October- pay best and bring quicker returns. Later the supplies are so large that the market rarely advances, be the erop good or bad, says a correspondent of The American Cultivator. Hoard's Dairyman reminds tbose who cut soiling crops for their stock that it is better to have a succession of sowings on a given area than to put in the whole at a single sowing.


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