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The Free Press Interviews Mr. Duffy

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The Detroit Free Press of Sünday cüiitained the followirut: Ex-Postniaster Edward Duffy, of Ann Arbor, a member of the State Board of Pfi&on Inspectora, speut a few hours in the city, yesterday, on his way home frotn Marquette, where the board had just inspected the prison there located. Mr. Duffy says that the institution in question is in admirable order, and that its afialrs are wisely and judiciously administered. Mr. Duffy is a man of sound, rugged sense, and as he takes an absorbing interest in the duties of his official position, he raakes a specially valuable member of the board to which he is attached. ".Bef ore I became a close observer of prisous and crimináis," said Mr. Duffy yesterday afternoon, "I considered murderers the very incaruation of all that is cold-blooded, merciless and evil, and I used to abhor the very thought of meinbers of that class. Smce I have familiarized myself with the inmates of prisons, however, iny feelings have undergone quite a cbange. Iean now understand how a man, not inherently bad, may take human life in the heat of .passion, or when crazed with drink, and after all not be such a positively wicked fellow. "Now, I am frank to say, I regard burglars as the most desperate and designing of villains. The man who will break into your house or mine in the dark of night, intent on robbery, is f uil of premeditation as well as lawlessness, and further, he always goes prepared to shoot his way out of danger if pushed too far."


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