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J. W. Bullís was at Base lake, Sunday. W. L. Marquardt spent Sunday at Base lake. Judge Cooley is in Lansing, visiting old friends. M. W. Blake is rusticating at Mackinac island. M. M. Seabolt and family spent the week at Zukey lake. John Goetz, jr. , and wife returned from Marshall, Tuesday. Wm. H. Mclntyre is visiting his brother in Grand Rapids. Mrs. Jas. R. Bach has gone to Howell to visit her sister. Willis Clark has returned from his visit to Barry county. Guy W. Stevenson, of the Times force, is taking his vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene üesterlin, r., spent Sunday in Toledo. S. W. Clarkson returned from Denver on Wednesday evening. Joseph Parker rusticated at Strawberry lake a few days thisweek. Miss Bertha Muehlig spent the week in Detroit, visiting friends. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Matthews returned fram Lansing, Tuesday. Alfred Hennequin spent a few days at Strawberry lake this week. Professor M. E. Cooley is trout fishing on Georgian Bay, Ontario. Miss Mabel Phillips, of Kalamazoo, is visiting relatives in the city. J. M. Farley, of Aylmer, O., was he guest of Dr. E. A. Clark, .Sunday. Fred W. Schulz and family reurned to their home in Detroit, last veek. J. Rice Miner, of Chicago, has jeen visiting his parents here this week. Wm. K. Childs and family have been visiting E. M. Childs at Whitaker. John Killington, of Ypsilanti, spent Sunday with R. Shannon and family. Mrs. O. M. Martin is ill, in Denver, and not able to return home at present. Mrs. Wm. M. Beggs left Monday morning for California, to visit her parents. City Clerk Miller and Arthnr Tagge wére f.t Whitmore Lake on Tuesday. Miss Ella Meuth is spending several weeks with friends in the Saginaws. Allen B. Pond, of Chicago, has been here on a visit to his parents this week. Bernard Beer, of North Platte, Neb., arrived in the city last Friday on a visit. Miss Kate Haarer, of Owosso, is visiting Miss Emily Gwinner, of S First street. M. E. Crandall and family, lately residents of Dexter, have removec to this city. Mrs. S. W. Clarkson returned on Saturday evening from her visit to Grosse Isle. Mrs. L. L. Medaris and daughter are spending a couple of weeks a Star Island. Rev. Mr. Neumann has returned from a vacation taken for the benefit of his health. Otto Gaertner, of Erie, Pa., is visiting his brother-in-law, David Allmendinger. Rev. Fr. Kelly is enjoying a visit from his sister, Miss Bessie Kelly, of Kalamazoo. Herman Graf, of Detroit, spent Sunday and Monday with his parents in this city. Mrs. Christian Walz and daughter, of Marshall, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Walz. Mrs. C. C. Wheeler is making a two weeks' visit at Whitmore and Independence lakes. Andrew Reule, of the clothing firm of Wadhams, Kennedy & Reule, is taking a vacation. Frank Cunningham and Wm. Shadford, of Dean's grocery, spent Sunday at Orr lake. Dr. Ford and family, who have been up at the northern resorts, have returned home. Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Dieterle, of this city, visited relatives in Detroit several days this week. Chas. F. Dietus, jr. , returned on Monday from aweek's recreation at Detroit and Put-in-Bay. Miss Laura James, of Ypsilanti, visited this week with the Misses Ida and Mabel Shannon. Prof. and Mrs. L. A. Rhodes arrived home, Sunday, after a two years' sojourn in Germany. Mr. and Mrs. Sid W. Millard will spend a week at Whitmore Lake, about the first of September. Prof. I. N. Denmion was in Pontiac, Monday, where he attended the funeral of Regent Draper. Mrs. Dr. Jennings, of Detroit, is expected today, to spend a month with her father, Governor Felch. Mrs. E. A. Rathbone has arrived from Europe, and is at present at ler aunt's, Mrs. Henry W. Rogers. Sid W. Millard and wife, Geo. Deugler and wife, and Miss Rose Schneider drove to Island lake today. Mrs. S. W. Beakes arrived home from Detroit, Tuesday evening, after a delightful visit with friends :here. Dr. Flemming Carrow is home :rom his fishing excursión at Elk ake. He was accompanied by his :amily. Mrs. JamesO'Connell, of Summit Street, returned last week from Canada, where she had been visiting a sister. Mrs. Dr. N. H. Pierce and Mr. and Mrs! Wm. L. Dorr left for Pine ake, near Lansing, on Tuesday, to remain a week. Mrs. O. L. Dean, of Ithaca, N. Y. , who has been visiting her sister, Vírs. S. G. Dean, returned home Vlonday evening. On Sunday morning, August 14, a daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Richmond, of Douncil Bluffs, Iowa. Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Gelston'J returned from Toledo 011 Tuesday evening. Mr. Gelston preached in that city last Sunday. Professor Hartman, a late gradúate of the U. of M., now teaching at Au Sable, is now visiting his many friends in this city. Jesse Smith, of this city, returned Tuesday evening, from a three veeks' visit to friends in the southeastern part of the state. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Clark visited n Ypsilanti on Wednesday, and the five o'clock motor train brought hem back in just 22 minutes. Hon. J. J. Robison was in the city on Monday, and it goes without saying that everybody was glad to meet the genial Sharon agriculturist. Miss Anna D. Mills will return :rom Detroit tomorrow evening, where she has been visiting many riends during the past two weeks. Mrs. Lumsden, late of Detroit, is n town for the summer, accompanied jy her two grand-children, and resides at the corner of Ann and State streets. Mrs. James McNanny and the Misses Hickey and McCormick, all of Detroit, are spending the week with William H. Mclntyre and family. Miss Anna E. Shannon is spending a well-earned vacation at the home of Mr. Harvey Jame,s, of Ypsilanti, and will return home about the first of September. Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Walker returned home from their camp at Zukey lake last Monday. They have been at the lake about a month, and expect to return there in a week or two. Frank L. Ide, of Morgan, Texas, arrived in the city Tuesday evening, and spent two days with his sister, Mrs. Myron H. Mills, of Brooks street. He is at present in Detroit, on business. EImer, Harvey, and Miss Rena Stofflet, Miss Katie Adams, Miss Mary Blades, Fred Barr, and Misses Ella and Maud Mills went to Portage lake yesterday morning for a ten days' outing. Misses Lena and Viola, daughters of Oscar O. Sorg, have been having an enjoyable time this week at the hospitable home of Albert Blaess, in Lodi. They will spend next week with Miss Bertie Schairer, of Saline. Rev. A. S. Carman, pastw of the Baptist church, arrived home from the Grand Traverse región on Monday. He left for Rochester, N. Y., and Boston, Mass., yesterday, to remain until about the first of September.