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Democratic County Candidates

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The Democratie county convention next Wednesday will prove a very interesting one. The numberof oandi dates for the various offices are larger than ever before in the history of the county. Bnt they are all in the race as Democrats and the feeling is notas bitter between the candidates as it has been in some previous years. Six or seven candidatos for each of the con tested offices must unavoidably be disappointed, but suchdisappointment ■riff, one f'or ti , ing attorney. udidate who takes his iiiiuifully willtuave the years f rom n"u . Let us catl the roll of the camlidates nul see who they are, and in order that i 'US distiuction may be lrawn, tbi Árgus will present them in ilj'Mbetical order. For sheriff Asa Allen, of the ! s?aid, Anu Arbor, at present motorie electric street railway, formeiiy one of the letter carriers, is the tétest carriidte to shy his castor in Then there is M. lkenner, of Anu Arbor, who indidate for sheriff four j wheu he made a strong run. : ty-.slicrüï and a Alfred Da resentèd iiis tmvn on the uvatá for some yeare and is a farmer by occupation, is also a candidate. So is John Gillen, of Saline, ex-town clerk aud ex-postmaster, at present deputy sheriff. Then there is Chauncey Hummel, of Chelsea, also a deputy sheriff, who has already secured the ten votes of Sylvan township. Jacob Knapp, a Freedom farmer, who was county treasurer in the race, as is Meivin C. Petersón, of the First ward, Ann Arbor city, at present a deputy sheriff, and one who has devoted himself wholly to that business for the ast two or three years. This alpliajetical list enda with Patrick S. l'ur- ell, a Northfield farmer, who for a ïumber of years represented liis townhip on the board of supervisors. There are seven candidates for register of deeds. Frank P. Bogardus, who is engaged in the real estáte and insurance business in Ypsilanti and is at present iustice of the one of the candídates, Fred Hawkins, of Ypsilanti, is also on the list. So is M. I. Iloward, a farmer of Superior, at ïresent supervisor of that town, and And-rew Hughes, of Scio, a farmer and supervisor. James Kearns, of Ann Arbor, ex-register and supervisor of the tliml wárd. Carlton A. Nims, of Ypsilanti, who is down in the directory is a well digger, which means that be bores deep wells, and Jlenry Stunipenmsen. a farinéf of Ypsilanti town. There are six candidatos for treasurer. It is reported that John Baumgardner, tha marble man and supervisoï of the Fourth ward, Ann Arbor, is one of the candidatos. Birkle, a ráned farmer, 6f Lodi, who lias been town clerk, and was a candidate for the nomination four years ago, is one of the oandidates. Jacob Jedele, ofDextev township, another of the candidates, is a farmer and the supervisor of that town. Jacob F. Schnli. v treasurei of Ann Arbor and for inany yearschairman of theDémocratLc couuty committee, is also a candidate. Paul G. Suekey, of Pittsfield, the well-known editor of Der Deutsche [lausfreund, is also in the race, and so is Emanuel Wagner, of Ann Arbor, who was a candidate for the nomination for county clerk two years ago. The candidates for prosecuting attorneyarel ss mimeroas. There are onlythree. Frank Jones, of Salina, village attorney of that place. Thomas D.Kearney, ex-city attorñey of Ann Arbor.and William Marquardt,of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. There will be no cpntèst over judre of probate or clerk. The present iíabbitt ii: and Arthur JBrown maki eouutyclerk, so tluit I will not be ealk'il u] over these oflices. THev, dates outside of tli bents tbr circuit coiirt i coroiiers or snrveyor, and fill these places they will pilelt undisturbe When the cpnvention nu muy be another cautlidute or if there are sncli in the co pt theniselve l'roni tlie eyes of the Argus.


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