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Proceedings Of Board Of Public Work

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Kol! called. Full board Minutes of previous meeting read and approved. A communicatiou signed by James H. Wade, esq., secretary of the Board of Regents, was read and ordered filed, and the Street Commissioner was ordered to at once do such work that will meet the demands of a resohition passed by the Council, and certify the expense to this Board. John F. Lawrence, esq., submitted the Lawrence addition forits ipproval. Mr. Keech moved that the plat of JoUn F. Lawrence be accepted, and that the sume be submitted to the Common Council lor their approval, provided that Mr. Lawrence furnish the City Engineerwith acopy of center stakes of streets and alleys, and witnesses of the same. Yeas. - Messrs. Keech, Schuil, and Mclntyre. The Sidewalk Inspector reported that he had personally inspected the sdewalks ordered to be built and that sidewalks had not as yet been constructed by J. E. Beal, treas. of the Wesleyan guild, on west side of State street; David DeForest estáte, on west side of División street, and Mis. W. Fred Schlanderer, on south side of Washington street, or by any person on their behall', and that said sidewalks are in poor condition and oitght to be rebuilt without delay. Mr. Keech moved that the report be received and liled, and the Street Comn)isKoneris hereby ordered to take the necessary. steps to build all sidewalks so reported not built to this board. Yeas.- Messrs. Keech. Schuh, and Mclntyre The City Engineer submitted memoranda lor sidewalk and street grades. Mr. Keech moved that the grades be accepted and submitted to t lic Common Council, and that the grade be changed as sübmittea" per profile on E. Catherine street, between Obsei vatory and Thirteenth streets. Yeas. - Messrs, Keeoh, Selïuh, and Mclntyre. Mr. Keech moved that we recovnmend and ask the Common Council t appropriate the sum oi 880 to buih two crossingï on the south side o: Washington street aL, alleys between Main and Ashley streets. and Mail street and Fourth avenue. Yeas.- Messrs. Keech. Scliuli. ara i Mclntyre. The Board then adjoumed.


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