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The Coming County Fair

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ti ir are apletion. II mty fair, amt 1 as ' titiety.and ílitenaw - B agricultura! bonnties and it is only proper th:it her tiould take Unmk. The one their Tliat the iio have i Dg theirs is lie nuinber of entrie These enfries uch larjjer in uumber tlian ever AU the horse ! in milt ui ;iildifor in ;iny exr Lll(! pill) ■ ■■ the Woiid's . will indícate thát the ►i ieultursl teatuïes of the fair Will 1' 'i nmci! :ipe :,] t" pi Equesuut) : il t pilblir itogs . which the horses perfonu likc ciio-ji, eorrect exercises on 1 1 s ■ oard, play truant, cíirry notes uish colors, and at recess, Swing:, ump, etc. Another scène is a lire, in vhicli a liorse rescues a person from a Imniing building, and horse firemen put out the tire. In still another scène the horses fight a battle, go througlt a military drill, fue cannons, drop as if shot, charge a fort which they capture and exhibit great rejoicing at their victory. One of the horses tells the da of the moiitli. the day of the week and the hour of the day. Many other wonderful tricks are played by them, and no charge is made to see them. The traioed dogs are, if auythihg, still moro wonderful. A.mong their feats is the capture of a dog thit'.f by a dog herifC, and nis trial before a dog judge and a dog jury, his conviction and execiition. the scaffold being erected by dogs. ' The executiou scène is perfect even to the dog doctor feeling of the pulse of the uanging dog to see if life is extinct. The suppösed dead dog is then put in a hearse and carried off by the other dogs. That every cliild in the county may have a chance to see these attractions, children under niiie will be admitted free. Parents having laige families of children, in order to avoid the crowds, should visit the fair on the flrst and second days. ïlie grounds will be lighted with electric lights eveninga, having jqat been wired foï that purpose. Tke candidatos for gov'ernot, Judge Morse and Ilon. Jöbn T. lïicli, will be upon the grounds, Thursday and Friday, and those attending wil! háve an opportunit? to shake hands with t hem. Au exdUiiK barrel race wil] be foilowed by a sewing machine race, The military companies will give anexhibition drill. Jim Ilarkins will singsomo of nis noted songs, and there will be niaiiy other special attraotions. Evei'5 m:in, wonian. and ehild in the county owe it to themselvéa to attend. Old lricnds will come toctlier, new ideas oí valué will be obtained and everyone will have the best kind of a time. 'Make up your mind to come and bring yotir whole, t'amily. You will be happy if yon do. Mrs. Hyett - "I thought I heard burglars in the house last night, and I got out of bed and found a man under it." Mrs. Wrves - "Gracious! Were yon not frightened to death?" Ntrs% Hyett- ''Oh, no. It was only Mr. Hyett."


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