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WALL PAPER! WALITPAPER. OF ALL The Newest Designs! PRICES THE LOWEST AT OSCAR 0. SOUG, THE DECORATOR, 7O O. TAIlSr ST. IWRS. C. H. JONES, FAIIOMB BlttflljiHt! Fourth St. Opposite Court House 3raping and Cuiting a Spsoialtj! given ? FreCh Ta?10" Systeïï HealthisWeaïth! Dr. E. O. West's Nerve and Bhaín Threít ment, a guaranteed speciflc for Hysteria Db ziness. Convulsiona, Fits, Nervous Neuralgia Headache, Nervous Prostratiou caused bv th use oí alcohol ortotmceo. Wakefulness Mbnwl Depressioo, Softening of the Brain rèsultine in insanitf and leadinfr to misery, deoav and death, Premature Oíd Age, liarrenness; Loss ol Power in eitlier sex, tnvoluntary and Spermatorrhcea caused by over-e: ■)' the brain, self-abuse or over-indnl Eaob box containa one month's treatnj ,' 81.00 a box, or si.x boxes t'or $.r).U0. sent bj prepaid on reoeipt ol price. WE GlAHAMEE SIX BOXES ' Tocure any case. With each order rteeued by us for six boxes. accoinpanied with $5 UU „ will send the purehaser our written r uarai'itpp to refund the tnoney if the treatment doe uot effect a cure. Guaranteea iesued only liv Eberbach & Son, Druggists, Sole Airenls Arn Arbor, Mich. ' $500 Reward ! VE will pay the above reward for anv case p) LiverComplaint.Dyspepsia, Sick Hen.'iache Indigestión, Constipation or Costiveness ira cannot cure with Weát's Vegetable Livor Pilla when tliedirections are strictly complic : xiti,' ihcy are purely Vegetable, und neyer iii ti give satislaetion. SugarCoated. Largt m contalnlng 30 Pilis, 26 cents. Beware ni o'un' terfeitsaad imitatíons. The preaüioe mufacturedonlyby THE JOHN 0. WEST con PANY, CHICAGO, ILL. For sale by al] dta It Ss ÑEW añd'CRÍAf. Blame or Cíe velend? A beautiful and verrartlsticstatuettefínll ' of Bütme, Cleveland ,Harrlson,?,'.cX,.: Flower.Ru8Í,JerrySlmpson,éenatorPeffer.Gení' Grant, Shorktan or Sherman. Abruham Llncoüfoí Goorge Washlncton. Any ono f the ftbove ú liveredtoyouforonedollar. Tlie figuro and o4 makes a incce ton inctios inlicight. .Send raonejii' Postal Note. Tbebestthinfstoíwins. Thonsándg bemg solddaily. Canvassine cmtht freo. AcUln-M TITIIO. STATÜEÏTE OYV1CK Boom No. 10. 80 Dearborn St.. Chicará i ■ i m a imum mi Pears and Grapes a Specialty Fruit. Ornamental 'Trees and Flowers From Ellwanger & Barry. Order Early by Mail. SYKUPS, MEDICINAL WINES KASPBEERY SYRÜPS, BONESET., DANDELION AND OTHER DOMESTIC GRAPE WINES Prepared Especially for Invalids. i" Pure Plymouth Rock Egg-s._jg E. BAUR. West Hurón St. EJ.BILBIEJioMsl Pupil of Sauret. After three years' study at the "Stern Conservatory." Berlín. Germany, under eminent teachers in Solo, Ensemble, aud Theory :ilso under professors of the "Berlín Hig-h School" theW prepared t0 take PUPÜS at his rooms ia Ann Arbor Organ Compans Building, Cor. Main and Liberty Sts., -A-isrixr .a.:r.:bo:r,. t Terms made known on applieation. _ PRTvatOïsëases -DISEASES OF THE SKIN Specially and Skülfully Treated Vo Patent Medicine Fraud, ( Bnt Clear Head, Norompanyor Instituto Fake 1 A Clean Hand No Electrical Humbug, ) "! Bonest Pnrpose. Over twenty years active Hospital and Sanitarlura expenence. Thousands of happy, Rrateful, ou.tendinfr into every State in tU Union. i f you are interested, investígate. You will .trely be pleased and rnaybe uurprised. Wrire oi.iy. Iuquire freely. A valuable treatise on {"seas,, of a Private Naturf, confldential aad tree. bbND FOR IT. Address or cali on DR. O. J. R HANNA. JACKSON. MICH. H. KITREDGE, No. 6 West Ann Sthki:t. liïlï,HACyiBlG(MlII, In the rear of Edward Duffy's rocery store. Hack to all trains, day aud night. Orders for trams, parties, weddings and funerala promptly attended to. Telephone, 108 Ann Arbor Mich. M G.Bül'TS, JUbTICE OF THE PEACE. Keal Estáte aud Collection Agent. Office: In Masonic Block.


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