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The Chelsea fair will be held October ii, 12, and 13. There are 264,606 acres of improved land in this county. A teachers' examination will be held at Ypsilanti on the 3oth inst. The pear and peach crops about Clinton are very light, especially peaches. Seventy-two citizens of Saline attended the Germán Day celebration at Ypsilanti. The school board of Waterloo have purchased a site and will build a new school house. Geo. P. Glazier, of Chelsea, is one of the directors oï the new Ann Arbor bank, says ' the Chelsea Herald. The Chelsea Herald says that Chauncey Hummel, of that burg, is right in it for nomination for sheriff on the Democratie ticket. The Chelsea Herald is twenty-two years old, and is beginning to get the journalistic ropes pretty well in hand, considering its youthfulness. Clinton held an exciting election to decide whether or not to bond for $8,000 to put in an electric light plant. They decided to do so by a vote of 148 to 49. The fourteenth annual picnic of the Bridgewater farmers occurred last week, and although the weather was somewhat chilly, the affair was a pronounced success. Very little wheat has been sown in the neighborhood of South Manchester, many farmers not yet having completed their plowing. The weather has been too dry. It's a mighty mean thief who will steal a window sash from abarn, yet one did, from W. H. Hoyt's. Yet after all it was quite kind in the thief not to take the barn at the same time. - Plymouth Mail. A balloonist descended in a field in Lima, a few days ago, from somewhere in the aerial regions. Investigation developed the fact that it was Ed. Cole, formerly of Ann Arbor, who had made his ascent from Jackson. The Manchester Enterprise says: "Sharon hens do not intend to lose any time. A farmer came to town last Saturday with a lot of eggs and upon arriving home found one of his hens in the buggy with eggs under her." The Chelsea Herald says that the surest indications of the severity of the coming winter is the fact that weddings are uncommonly numerous. Perhaps the editor's wedded life has been a wintery one. Hinc Mee lachrynuv. The Munith young ladies' club has resolved not to speak to anyone who drinks, smokes, chews, plays cards, fishes on Sunday, and a many other of the little things that are supposed to make a man. As angels are scarce on earth, especially the male ones, the girls are apt to feel lonesome. - Chelsea Herald. An exchange says if you want to drive the rats out of your cellar, you should go into ït with a bass drum after dark at night and pound away with might and main. The rats will leave; then plug up their holes and they will keep away. (Wonder how it would do to take the piano down cellar?) - Saline Observer. It is needless to say that through this section the apple erop is next to a failure, yet the August erop report claims a yield of 24 per cent. in the southern counties, 86 in the northern, and a full 100 per cent. erop in the upper península. Potatoes fall a little short but bid fair for a good erop in the northern counties. - Saline Observer. The scène not a thousand miles from Cavanaugh lake. As they sat on the steps of one of the cottages on a moonlight evening recently, he claimed a kiss for every shooting star. She as first demurred, as became a modest maiden, but finally yielded as usual. She was even so accommodating as to cali his attention to the flying meteors that were about to escape his observation, and got to "calling" him on lightning bugs, and at lastgot down to steady work on the light of a lantern which a fisherman was swinging about on the northern side of the lake. Cavanaugh girls are up with the times. - Chelsea Herald. Mrs. Grimley - "Our iceman is very strong. He carried 500 pounds of ice from the street to day clear into our cellar. Isn't that wonderful?" Mr. Grimley. "No, not it he weighed the ice himself."


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