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Hill makes his first campaign speeeh thi...

Hill makes his first campaign speeeh thi... image
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Hill makes his first campaign speeeh this year in Brooklyn, next Monday evening. The Republican plurality in Maine is the smallest in any presidential year since 1880 and the smallest in any year since 1882. James G. Blaine, although at his home in Augusta, did not vote. Is not the Maine election a straw? The slight opposition to Congressman Gorman's re-nomination in this district is clearly made in the interest of O'Donnell, the Republican candidate for congress. Gorman is a strong campaigner and a successful one. A man who can get 1,900 majority in a Republican district is a strong candidate to run in a Democratie district. We venture the prediction thatagainst Gorman, O'Donnell will carry but one county in this congressional district. Ask the Republicans i they have heard from Vermont and Maine. These two rock-ribbed Republican states show a large decrease in Republican rnajorities. In 1888 Vermont gave 28,000 Republican majority. This year the majority is undei 20,000. Maine gave nearly 19,000 majority in the September election of 1888. This year she gives less than 11,000. McKinley and the other big guns of the Republican party stumped these states. To enthuse the Republicans they declared that the size of the majorities would be taken as an index as to how the country is going. Very well, the same relative increase for the Democrats would carry New York by over 100,000 majority, would cause Michigan to go 20,000 Democratie. At this same rate Cleveland would carry Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Indiana, and a number of other states which voted for Harrison four years ago. Shall we take the Republican orators at their word?


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