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VVhen it comes to even the ordinary, old-time, one-ring, small, "round-top" circus, "men are but children of a larger growth." Small wonder then that the announced visit to Ann Arbor on Thursday, Sopt. 22d, of Sells Brothers' Enormous United Shows - the leading and longest established of all the great arenic enterprises - creates a childlike furore of delighted expectation. Nor is enthusiastic anticipation in this instance misplaced, for the assurances are genuine and ampie that there will be revealed to us, really and intrinsically the big show of the world, so far as rare wild beast possessions, brilliant equestrian and athleticperformances, gorgeous oriental pageantry, and revivad imperial, ancient-time heroic contests and pastimes can fill the bill. So there now comes to us clear from the very opposite side of "the great globe itself," after a most marvelous six-months' journey of over twenty thousand miles, and crowned with the enthusiasticpraises of a great, young sister empire, a wondrously rare exhibit of strangest Australasian creatures; a regal Roman hippodrome, a five-continent menagerie, three big circuses combined; a strange desert caravan of wild, warlike Bedouin athletes; the only exhibited pair of full-grown giant hippopotami; a huge 'elevated Olympian stage; a royal Japanese troupe; a mid-air carnival of daring evolutions; fairyland frolics for the children; golden Mother Goose Pageants, romantic pilgrimages to Mecca; Arabian Nights Entertainments, and a tremendous and magnificent free street parade, rolled into one millionaire alliance, for but one price of admission; or, more properly speaking, roaring, rushing, racing, marching, dancing, gliding, tumbling, soaring, diving and d'nporting Tinder some ten acres of tents. Whew! the very thought of it fairly makes one catch his breath. And not only is it a very great, but it is a very good, clean, admirably managed show, absolutely free from any and every annoyance or objectionable association, and under the immediate eye of its proprietors, who are no irresuonsible and tory speculators, but men of high standing at home - capitalists, bank directors, and members of the Boarc of Trade. Not only does our own press vouch for both them and their magnificent exhibition in the mos generous terms, but all the news papers of Australia express the highestadmiration for their liBerality and pluck, in venturing so far wit! such a vast entertainment, in the face of somany formidable obstacles They amply deserve a rousing hom welcome, on all hands, and are getting it.


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