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The Buddhist Temple Of Protection

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How strange and inconsistent are the ways in this world. When some fhirtyfour years ago I was f or the first time in Point de Galle, in Ceylon, I went, as a matter of course, to see the Buddhist temple, situated in the sacred grove some four miles from the town. The first thing that struok me was an immense plain masonry structure about twelve feet high, shaped exactly like n beehive, and looking for all the world like a beehive. The circumference was. aa near as I can recollect, about that of the base of the Statue of Liberty. There were numerous small sized holes about six feet high all around this masonry beehive for the faithfijl to deposit money in. These donations, the natives are told, are appropriated by Buddha himself. As the yellow robed priests declare there is nothing of it in the beehive, vet it has been standing there for kundreds, perhaps thonsands, ;t! years. Strangely enough, I met an American miá&ionary there with whom I had a conversation. lío it vyas who pointed thia Bwindle mt to mo. Ho'.v little ilid I dream then that I wouiil have topointoutmany Üumsar.d Bnddhist beehives and swindles to iiis uwii countrymeu and in lus owii free country! Yes! American protection is a veritable Buddhist beehire receptac e for the ignorant, tax ridden millions to put their hard eamings in. And the few thousand bosa protecttonists are the yellow robed priesls, who mostsolemnly assert and try to prove that such exactions are for the vital interest of the whole people


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