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American Wages Are High

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J. B. Sargent is one of the largest hardwaïe manufacturera in the United States. He has traveled arouud the world several times to learn as much as possible about the needs of foreign markets. In the followiug speech which he delivered at the hardware dinner in New York he tells why American labor is the cheapest labor in the world: In agricultural tools and implements at least we take half the trade of the foreign conntries outside of Europe, and in all kinds of edge tools we take half the trade of South America and of Asia. But, gentlemen, my time is more than gone and I will bring my remarks to a close by saying that with the manufactures of this country in their present condition, with our machinery, with our unrivaled help, with our skilled mochank-s. and with you, gentlemen of the hardware and mercantile branches, there is uo reason why we should not only hold our own in our own country. but tiike a large part of the trade of all the world. The American manufacturar, with the American mechanic, h;is never seenied to realize bis own strength or the strength of his own trade. We have. as I have always said, the most skilled, most willing, the most energetic and the most ambitions workers, workinen and mechanics anywhere to be found. Although our wages in this country- the earnings of men per day- are very much more than those of any other country, and especially of the countries on the Continent, who are our competitors, and althongh they earn so mucli more per day, still their labor to the manufacturer is cheaper than that of laborers in other countries. In other words, the labor cost of almost any article of American hardware manufacture is less than the labor cost of the samo article in any other country. The f ear which so many cf us have had of the pauper labor of Ëngland is a matter unworthy of consideration. The


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