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onday. mass meeting, Monday. - this city now keep open 4p. m. lie next vice-president, Arbor, Monday afteri f Lodi, has been nomiegislature by the ReM)I; ittleleftTuesdayniRht, ■ buy some more millinU. will meet on ThursOct.27,atthreeo'clock, kinson will address a !l ' istiugat the rink next i' eommendably suggests . time of the year to set trees. 1 of Milán, has been f; ■' idge Kinue totwoyears ■■' ."se stealing. ijectoü foot to erect an ■ ■ special use of the milia of this city. Eyart II. Scott, and J. 0 Detroit, on Monday, i Frye orate. ' "" years since the last end the Democratie i Arbor, Monday. Ruic meetings af ternoon rt Monday, promise to ; fa pleasant day the 11 be here. ord of the Cook house in retaining in his serwn and popular clerk, Nat. H. Drake. el ! ciety of St. Andrew's 1 a social at Harria hall, g, Oct. 22. All are . Admission 25 cents. ntlmsiastic pole raisi n's Corners last Fri-. G. Turnipseed and ie delivered ringing e will be held in Newtomorrow, and Suns. Citizens and stu. No charge for ad. L i limpiar have arranged nt invitation hops to úc Temple this wingiven on Wednesday Savings Bank will of the Arm Arbor i.year, payiug 3 1-10 ts and charging 6 per ( i. elters, wife of Peter S i heir home in Holly, o: i The deceased was 1 a resident of Ann j re some fif teen years Peten, of Scio, will ÍS of Ann Arbor and ■rest of the People's 1 ice riik, on Tuesday ) the benefit of the The aimission will Iston hai the pleasly morning, )f address■ e of 1,200 pople. Ilis ■ i very eloquew and int on the fclumbian u ty Schooi of Ansie, for our citizens lid such i establishing, i; an asi Bs froni the bginning. ■ i'ifents have airea regisi ■peiling term. iet; Hubbaid Salding, )lney M. Spaldiig,died . i eonsumption, iged 43 eral will be helt at the 0 Thompson stnet, toon at tliree o"clO'k. Mouda] will je a day laig to red in this city. The of the county wil be inHux from ;idja;ent es, to hear the ïext the United States rf talent has been arf)r Moiriay's mass mng Hon. ,'. tison. Hou Mon'gomt -y, II S. Hh6?pÚji, '-■ . Jai íes : öl. ,(oli,r , Earight ' !locl leftJ Baltijiore, Mi . o attend t ■■ Reueral si Episcopui chuïcl!. .mie on 9 Canada, i St. Andrt1 E Mrs. E. Flower Willis, ot Boston, will be the attraction at the 'Inland League entertainment on Monday j evening, and will recite serious and humorous selections, . i The Prohibition county ticket was completed, Saturday, by nominating Dr. O. E. Pratt for judge of probate, Franklin Hinckley for prosecuting attorney, and Francis Stofflet and R. C. Reeves for circuit court commissioners. Mr. Clement appeared bef ore au Ann Arbor audience for the first time last Saturday night. That he pleased his audience can be inferred from the f act that he was called before the curtains af ter the entertainment was over. A very rare compliment to any actor in Ann Arbor.- Courier. Rev. J. T. Sunderland will speak next Sunday morning at the Unitarian church, on "Channing," in commemoration of the 5Oth anniversary of Channing's death. Evening subject, "ïhe History of Unitarianism." Bible class at 12 o'clock. Subject, "The Meaning of the Life of Christ." Professor A. A. Stanley gave a very fine organ recital at the Unity Club last Saturday eveuing, to a large audience, assisted by Miss Luey K. Cole, who rendered some charming numbers. Rev. H. W. Thomas, D.D., of Chicago, who preaches to the largest congregation in that city, will deliver the first lecture before the club next Monday evening. It's being kept a close secret but it's true just the same. At a meeting of a portion of the Republican committee held Friday, A. W. Hamilton was selected as a victim to take the place of John F. Lawrence, who was chosen some time ago to make the run for state senator from this district, an honor which Mr. Lawrence declined with thanks. The bazaar of the Ann Arbor Rifles, which began at the Palace rink on Tuesday evening, is pro'ving a social and financial success. The decorations surpassed all previous eiïorts, and the general arrangement was most excellent. The dancing, from 10 to 11:80, is an attractive feature for the young people. The music is f umished by Otto's baud and orchestra. An unique entertainment will be given in the Methodist chapel in the Fifth ward, tonight. It is announced as a "Poverty Soshul," and will use all the antediluvian niethods in presenting the many amusing features prepared for the occasion. Lovers of clean fun shouM attend. There will be no charge for admission. A supper will be provided, for which lifteen cents will be Asuithas just been tried in the circuit court between Chas. Dietas, sr., and Mrs. Haas, widow of the late Thomas Haas, both residing on Ashley street, to compel the latter to remove a high board fence w.hichshe had built between her property and that of Mr. Dietas. The trial résuHtë d in a verdict for the plaintiff, aiul an order that the defendant remove the fence within twenty days. On Monday eveniug, somethief stole twenty-flve bushels of corn from the field of Michael Brauh, on the Whitmore Lake road. Tlie thief'shorse and wagon were traced half a mile towards Whitmore Lake. It had then turned aioand and come towards this city, towards which it was tracked for a couple of miles, when the tracks were obliterated by passing vehieles. Several other farmers have recently suffered similar losses. Sometime on Monday night a burglar pried open a b,ack window in the store of Bowdish & Dietas, on State street, and stole eight pairs of shoes, a shirt, and a liberal number of neckties. A man wlio liad been in the store during the day trying to trad e an old pair of shoes for a new pair, is suspected to be the tliief, but like the Arab, he has " silently folded his tent and stolen away,'" and is probably sporting his newly acquired gorgeousness in some unknown lócality. At Unity club wëxt Monday evening, Dr. Thomas, of Chicago, will lecture, his subject being "Doubt". This is considered his best.lecture antj. has received many nattering press notices wherever it has been delivered. Single admission to this lecture as well as those of Ilon. Palmer, of the World's Fair commission; ex-Gov. Asliley, of Ohio; Rev. Anna Shaw, and James Kay Ajjplebee and Jenkin Lloyd Jones, is twentj'-five cents, while the season tickets are only one dollar, and include nineteen other evenings. The second of the series of entertainmeuts given by the Inlan'd League will ist of an elocutionary evening. E. Flower Willis, of Boston, will, ext Monday night, give a number lections, including botl serious humorous. Mrs. Willis ". undO' Hedly one of the finest readers qow jre the American public. Remeiïu ,hat this series of entertainmentst ven on Monday evenings, at the I roh of Christ, on South University ! me, and thai the hour is 8 p. m. p. Burglars enteredthe meat market of George Spathelf, in the fifth ward, and got av;iy wlth $2.25 in change. W. K. Childs presented Welch Post with a fine crayon portraitof Col. II. S. Dean at the meeting last Saturday evening. The U. of M. Democratie club met last night and made arrangements for taking part in the great mass meeting here on Monday. Mrs. Amarilla II. Beckwith died at her residence, on S. Twelfth slreet, yesterday morning, of oíd age, she having passed her 84th birthday. The remains will be interred at Chelsea, tomorrow. Ilon. John P. Allen, member oí congress from Mississippi, who was billed for a speech under the auspices of the Democrats at the Opera House, Saturiay evening, is laid up with a sprained inkle at Chicago and will be unable to be present. The sale of tickets for the Students' Lecture Association course will be restricted to membera of the University and High School until next Wednesday morning, because the number of season tickets must be litnited to the seating capaeity of the hall. Tomorrow evening, in Alpha Nu hall, the Adelphi and Alpha Nu societies will, between thein, forever settle the disputed question as to whether the Homestead strike was or was not justifiable. It will be a good thing to have it effectually laid to rest. The bazaar of the Ann Arbor Rifles, which opened Tuesday evening, is proving a success. Among the features that are interesting to the public, is a vote for the most popular candidate in the county, the winner to be presented with a handsome gold-headed cane. Miss Helen Terry, who formerly was clerk in .]. H. Uach's insurance office, and had a host of friends among the young people of Ann Arbor, died on Sunday night, at her horne in Toledo, after several months' illness. Her funeral was held Tuesday afternoon, and was attended by a number from bliis city. AH departments of the University tvere closed for today in honor of Dolumbus Day. This evening public sxercises will be held in University Hall, eotnmencing at half-past seven. Prof. Ilinsdale will deliver an address, ind the Choral Union will render a 3horus from. ..the "Messiah" and a ïational hymn.