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What's the Highest Point in Ann Arbor?

Mon, 07/28/2008 - 9:52am by amy

According to Cresson Slotten, Senior Project Manager, City of Ann Arbor Systems Planning Unit “Highest point is off Maple Road, near where it hits Pauline Blvd…at 1015 feet above sea level…the highest point is not right at that intersection but at the Grace Bible Church, which sits about a hundred yards to the west of Maple.” “Second-highest point in the city, at 1000 feet, is in the northwest corner of town, atop a hill at the city water treatment plant off Sunset Road.” Source: Ann Arbor News, August 30 2004, page B-1, Geoff Larcom, “How to Get Your Head in the Clouds”.


I would not have guessed either of those two points as the highest; interesting!

Dang. I had read that the water treatment plant was highest and we visited/climbed the big hill.

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