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Dexter Township

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A. Barber and family will soon i move into the company's house. Mrs. Dwyer and son, of South Putnam, were here with friends Saturday. Mr. John Doody has been enteraimng his daughter fronji Detroit. Mrs. J. Bowler spent Thanksgivng with her sister in Detroit. T. Birkett has several car loads of potatoes for sale in this place. J. Schaberly was in Ann Arbor on business one day last week. H. Stoup, of Ypsilanti, has been visiting his daughter the past week. The Hudson pulp milis are undergoing extensive repairs. Frank Judson, of Chelsea, was n this place Tuesday. Mr. Jackson, of Pinckney, was vith friends here on Monday. Mr. Pruden, of Sylvan, spent Tuesday with friends here. E. Reid, of Grand Rapids, is the he guest of his brother and sister in liis place. Mr. and Mrs. Carleton Vanriper, of Fctwlerville, were called here to attend his mother's funeral. Henry Ayers, of Detroit, is pending a few days with his many riends here. B. McCaulay spent.J3unday with elatives here. Mr. and Mrs. P. Lavey spent Sunday with friends near Pinckney. Mr. and Mrs. F. Nordman were with friends here one day last week. W. Taylorand sister, Miss Carrie, pent the Sabbath with their grand)arents near Emery. Miss Tessie Reid spent Tbiursday and Friday with her friends in the village. Miss Ettie Foran has been enteraining her friends from abroad the )ast few days. -. -Mr. E. Stabler, of Four Mile ake, was among old friends here one day last week. John Howard was in Pinckney ?riday. T. James is visiting friends in the northern part of the state. Mrs. H. W. Newkirk and daughter, Miss Nellie, of Luther, are staving with her parents here. James Brogan, of Pinckney, is spending the winter with N. Reid and attending school here. James Carpenter, of Hudson, spent the last of the week with his grandmother in this place. Mrs. T. C. Etchells, formerly of this place, died at her home in Jackson, Nov. io. A. Taylor and daughter, Miss Myrta, visited in Pinckney, Friday. Mr. Sears and family, of Pinckney, are now located in Dexter village. Mr. Wright, of Howell, was In this place looking after his many friends. Mrs. Chas. Carpenter, sr., was the guest of her ons in Ann Arbor, Mr. and Mrs. B. Asquith, of Stockbridge, spent Sunday with friends here. Mr. and Mrs. Serviss, of Ann Arbor, spent.Thursday and Friday with her raother here. Mr. and Mrs. John Pidd spent Friday with friends at Pettysville. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McComb spent Saturday with their cousins in Webster. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Carpenter, jr., of Ann Arbor, were the guests of his parents last week. Mrs. Wm. Ballou has been entertaining her father from New Boston, the past few days. Messrs. G. Spiegelberg and H. Neeb spent Wednesday with their friends in Ann Arbor. H. Cobb, of Pinckney, spent several days of the past week as the guest of Will Taylor, and enjoying themselves by hunting and bringing in great heaps of game. Miss Annie Vincent spent the first of the week with her sister in Ann Arbor. E. Stanton and Miss C. Carpenter spent last Wednesday with Scio friends. Miss Carrie Irwin took dinner withMiss Theresa Pidd on Thanksgiving day. Mr. Ray Miller, of Willis, was the guest of Miss Maud Barber, the last of the week. Miss Carrie Taylor was home and took dinner with her parents, Thanksgiving day, returning to the University city, Monday, to school. Mr. Wheeler, of South Putnam, spent last Saturday with relatives in this place. George Smith was an Ann Arbor caller, Friday. Miss Alma Howard, formerly of this place, was married at the home of her parents in Pinckney to Mr. S. Snyder, of Hamburg. We learn there is to be a lecture on shorthand and typewriting at the school house in district No. 3, in the near future. We hope everybody will turn out and have a full house, as it will be worth hearing. Mrs. and Mrs. Joseph Parsons ate turkey with her parents in Webster, â– Thankseiving. People from Ann Arbor and l'inckney have been at the lakes the past weck. E. Benedict started Tuesday mornng for the northern part of the state, to spend the winter. Mr. and Mrs. O. Vaughn and son were Sunday guests of his parents, in Webster. Mrs. T. Birkett is quite' ill at this writing. James Story will soon leave for Ypsilanti, where he will work in the paper milis. Mrs. Nicholas Vanriper, an old and respected resident of this county, died at her home in Webster, Nov. 27, aged 65 years. The funeral services were held at the Congregational church, in Dexter village, Tuesday morning, the Rev. S. T. Morris officiating. '