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The Second congressional district of Mic...

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The Second congressional district of Michigan this year did the best for the democracy of any congressional district in the state. If the gain had been the same in the other congressional districts of the state the democrats would have elected their governor. Washtenaw is the banner democratie county in the banner democratie district. From the first of December, 1891, to the first of December, 1892, the cy of Ann Arbor received S320. 19 more interest on its deposits in the Savings bank than it paid interest on overdrafts. Some of our neighboring cities have newspapers which have occasionally gloated over items tending to depict the city treasury of Ann Arbor as in a bankrupt condition. As a matter of fact, there has been no year in the history of the city, where the city has received so much interest as it has during the past year. The bank pays the city 3 1-10 per cent. on daily balances, and gets 5 per cent. on overdrafts. So that interest on overdrafts accumulates much fasterthan interest on the city daily balances. In spite of this fact the city's interest account at the bank the past year shows the receipt of $320.19 more than was paid on overdrafts. This does not indícate such bad financiering as some of our neighboring papers, and even some of our city contemporaries, would intímate had existed in the city government.


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