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Improvements At St. Andrew's Church

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xtuiií me Ann Arbor Courier. Nexi sun.iay the new carpeta uiii be down on th ïionrs ol St. Andrew's vhuivii, and the cmh-c decoratlona and refurnisfcing will be it is a beauthni .-( mi inTiting sácred edl1irc. ili; warm (erra cptta Shades wïtli whk-ii the walis are decorated, aiv pleasiBg tó the eye : and the liarinony and richness ol the entire interior ediíioe la artiatic. The handsome memorial window in the chani-el. which has been describ.'t heretofore, now develops its real beauty, and the congregation may weü ïe.-i proud ol their place of worKlli]). Among tho new dieoorations is a reie.ios n gjesBO, the .-anir materia] as aeed by the wortd renowned artist, Della Bobbia, in hls famous ■rorks ol art, iieiivtr a pepresenta1ion oí Clii-isi a1 lh.' iiassover. deSiTibed in the i'Oih. 21b1 and 22d versee of the XWi. chapter ol St. Mat(he- : Now wlicn the oven wfts come, he :it down wtth tlje twelve. Aml as they did eat, be sald, Verily 1 say uuto you, thia oie oí yod slmli lictniy uil-. And thi.'y wtie rMeedili.'ly sorrem 1V.1, and began evaryoueof thein tosuy unto li i m. Lord, is illt The iiidnir is 8x7 1 n sizi', and ra. ii Kgure ba a study. The ouly thing to be regretted about it is í;.s mil beauty wlll be aeen by i)iit few, ilinsc only whO S'o linrpiisrly lei virw H. 'l'liis work oí ;ni cu,i $500, and is placed in chance! as a memorial to tlie late Prof. George S. Morris, liy his wldow Mrs, Victoria Morris. It te a (ittiag tfibutc to tlir memory of ihai niosi hiioc(i member of St. A.ndrew's ])arisl). A man wliom cvoryonc, without esoeption, deliglited to honor. Another memorial consl&ta of two brasa atèuodardè, 5 ft 6in. high, supportlng caodellabra in solitl brass, fxU'tiding :5 ft. 9 In. bigner, and haying B spt-ead of 2 ft. G in., contatning threc groupe of '■ .ïiis jrts, or 27 Jeta eacti, makiii.i; 54 burners in all. Tiicsi' are placed at the extretoe ends of the lowcst pf i lie steps leadlng to fhr altar within ( ho han.tnavy. These pbeoea werp manufactured in Nev York, fi-om speotól deeHgns furnished by Mr. sti-m, the deoorator of the church, and are vcry liandsomc and expenstve. Tlipy are placed in the chancel as a memorial to (liarles lí. Kiclimond, bv hts iviilmv Mi's. Rirhmond. The interior oí tliis church wlll now compare with the Ulterior oí any Episcopal cliurcli In the state. The deeorations, -vhile not striklnjj yon as being' owr-donc iu any way, are Ín good laste, in perfect harmony throughout, nlud very rtch. To the initiriiig pfforts of the rector, Rfv. Henry ïatlot'.k, the juonibers oí tlic parteb are indebtetl for tlie ex(■clli'iice of ittie woi-k. He has attended to very li'ttle detail in person, and lias heen at work early and late to see t lia t what lias been doue, has been doné riffht. And ve feel snre that he lias the grateful thanks oí 8t. Andrew's entire conftTegation.