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The Axgo milis now enjoy facilities for rnaking shipments of flour over the Toledo road. Fred C. Brown's handsome new house on the Miller addition wil] be ready for oceupancy next week. County Clerk Brown wilt probably move into his new residence on North Thayer street, this week. Forty-iive poor families were furnished with Thanksgiving dinners by the Ladies' Charitable Union. Tvvci ladies and two gentlemen were baptised at the Baptist church, last Sunday evening- by immersion, of course. By request, Bev. J. W. Bradshaw lastnightrepeated his leetm-eon "John Wyclitte and his Works, at the Congregational church. g The treasurer of Ann Arbor town will be in the county treasurer's office to receive taxes every Friday and Saturday during December. Capt. Ralph Phelps, jr., assistant inspector, M. S. T., inspected the Light Infantry on Tuesday evening, and the company came out of the ordeal very creditably. There was an opening of une handi made holiday goods, lor use and foi ornament, at the store of Mrs. Pond, on State street, corner of Williams, lastiiight. Thomas Kearney, of Northfield, having retumed to the city, will sell at auetion, on Thursday, December 8, at ten o'clock, on his farm, all his stock, farm utensils and a large quantity of hay andgrain. A special invitation has been extended to the citizens to Ann Arbor to attend the oigan recital at the Baptist church, Ypsilanti, next Friday evening. The 7:20 motor will land you there in time for it. Edward F. Buss, treasurer of Scio township, wil] be at the County Treasurer's office, Ann Arbor, the four last Thursdays in December, tlie four last Saturdays at Gregory's bank in Dexter and at his home on Fridays to receive taxes. The taxes paid to the city treasurer on December lst this year amounted to $625.42. The total number of taxpayers was 3(5, and the first one to pay taxes this year was Paul G. Suekey, the newly elected county treasurer. The amount of taxes paid the first day last year was $1 .144.54. Whoever has the authority to do so, should compel people to clean their sidewalka during and after a snowstorm, and the city .should clean the cross-walks immediately when tliey require it. This thingof havingto wade through slush every day is getting past endurance. Let us have reform. .Iiidge Noah W. Cheever has been engaged to give a coiirse six lectures on " Wills " at tlie Cleary Business .College, Ypsilanti, and delivered the firstof the series on Wednesday. Professor Hirsch, of Chicago University, will be the next speaker in the Students' Lecture Assoeiation courae, (in December 9. His subject is "Contributionsof the Semites to Civilization." The twenty-fiith anniversary of the organizaciĆ³n of the Bethlehem church Sunday school was held Jast Sabbath. The church was beautilully decorated with evergreens and potted plants. The children sang various selections and gave recitations. Two poems, written for the occasion by Miss Pauline Widenmann, one of the first teachers in the school, were read by Eev. Mr. Neumann, and an address was made by Mr. Christiau Wetzel.


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