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STORY OF TWO WOMhÑ. What the Trouble Was and Htfw it Resulted. WHAT EáCH HAS TO SAÏ AliOI I TH IS MOKT IV IKKKSI1 Mi MATTER. .ioiiM'iliiim Wever Berre Equallcil in Onr Experlence. The story of each is brief, but both are eloquent wiih true feelinir and gratitucie, given in their own words. The first, Mrs. E. S. Bogart, of tbe Baptist Home, 68ih Street, New York Cvy, is as foilows: "For eight ypars I have been constantly under the care of doctors, hut founií no relief, nor, from what the doctors told me, dit) I expect to get any better. I was convinced thattbey did not lindemand my casi', so I thought I would trv Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy, and rhe result bas been truly wonderful. I now feel in better bealth thau lor t'ie last 20 years "During all this time I had been suffering with maiaria, heart ilisease, kidney and liver complaint, nervous prostration and .leeplessiiess. For three montbs before iaking this wonderfu' remedy,, I had been confined to ' my room, and most of the time to the bed. I feel, with the blessing of God, Dr. Greene's Nervura bloo' and nerve remedy has given me a new lease of life aud bealth, and that I am cured of all my troubles. I havp a areat deslre that others may be benefited as I have been, and take every ODportunitj' to recommpnd ir to th siok. Mis. Oliver Wilson, Northboro, Mass., tells the becond of these two interesting at-ories: "I was suffering from nervousness," she Hays, "caused by femnl weakness and nervous proetration. I was so vous and week I could not go up a common pair üf stairs stopping to res', aiid was troubled to sleep at night. I took Dr. Greene's Xervnra blood and nervR ruruedy, and have regnined my old elastic step around tb house, to the surprise of my friends. After creepinp round for tvo years, hardly able to do anything, it has proved a boon tome I truly. I know of many others whom it hascured and who speak most hishlv I in praise of it." 6 y How anybody who suffers fiotn disj eate can read tbese two marvellou cures atd not be infinenced to use thig truly great remedy immediatelv, is be yond oi:r understanding. Drugoists keep it for SI, andit is a vegetable medicine and oerleciiy harmle.-s. It must not be oonfnnnded by what are kuown as patent medicines, for it is a phvsician's prescription, thw discovery öf the preat specialist in nervous and chronic diseases, Dr. Greene, of 35 W. 14th S;reet, New York, who can be con sulted by all free . of charjje, personally or by letter. His wonderfnl remedy will cure yon if you will use it. 3ÍK8. E. K. BOGART. Jpife MRS OMVER WILSON'.


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