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The Elixir Of Youth

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js Lile wortö UïIdö?. ïiis 'lot ifyonnre not. in possession of the faB íaculiicsíorenjoyins it. We offer t the public a trut and trusty remedy, the PELír.liíiOF YOUTH, A positive, Rpeedy, Kafe and reliahle Rlentiflc conjjj utid, rïi:mufacturtd oiily by sküled chem li.i:-, ïtom 1 tie prescrlpiiou ofa Germán pbysician ol vorid-wKic lame. V o iriia ramee ihis Elíxir torestore Uje vitallty of youih t thoaé whi are suflering frmn tbe íüuises so cominoQ in this age. It Is a positive vur3 lor Spermatorrhea, Loss of Power, Nlgbt Euiissionsar.doll Seminal Weaknetf. We publuli do ïüirritK. but have on file sworn teatira r,.,!'! w errul results Pioduoed by thlselUir, vhich weare autliunzeu toshowon ppuoatlon oi uayonerequiring sucha medicine. BE A StöAN ACAIÏi. r,rt "echaL"erloeihorbltantPrice, nordowecfferyoua quack nostrum, but a legitímate ?„ f e'i'-iflc preparation, which will surely do all we claim for it. The Elixir is put, up in hv áii ? if1 ad retalls tor 81.U0, or 6 lor $5.U0. This valuuble remedy will be found on aJe nrtV.Ürt Each dr"ggist has on üle sworn testimonial of the wonderful cures proauoed by this Elixir, and the proprietors oonüdenHy refer all in need ofit to them. The Germán Hospital .Remedy Co., Grand Rapids. Mch. For Sale by all Druggists. C. EBERBACH Sc SONS. Agents.


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