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Makes an every-day convenience of an lld-time luxury. Pure and wholesome. Prepared with scrupulous care. Highest award at all Pure Food Expositions. Each oackae makes two large pies. Avoid mitations-and insist on having tho NONE SUCH brand. & SOULE, Syracuse. N. V"STM. HERZ, N0- W. WASHINGTON' ST. BODSE, SlCK,OnNAMEUAIiD FbÈSCO PilBTBR, ■Min ralcimininir. glazlng and paper tiHng Cd' Alïw'rkie done in the bost styta arui All persons wishing to order pure and clcar icc sliould order it of J. ANDRÉS Box 1110, Ann Arbor. Orders by postal card promptly attended to. Dr. F. G. Schreppcr, mum smun Ia responsitilo for nll tho wort he ilo.? In his lineol' business. ' OFFICE: At KHirodiic's Llvory Stftble. Heeliienee, 7 Fountain Mnvi, A.TSTTvT A.KBOROrder m.iv lieicft (ir telepbrtned to Ebói'bftöh's DnisStoro. TTTATirfTJiC! M"FT A T T Tf! '"'' made trom WALlLKb MhlALLiO h(, b0) liv.ui,ls ÜfllllllfcS.V? sheets galvanized. oa7i buy theni palnted or nol. Our öalvanlzed Shinglea aro rain and rust prooi, without the neeessity of paintnr. Our painted TIn sliintrlos are inore durable and oranamentalthan itis possibleto make a tin rooi', put on in the old fashioned style. W'rite for prlce Hst K. The National sheet Metat, Roofixo Co., BClift St, New Vork. (Q $ $ $ 3 3 ■ I i i tlio Largcst Gold Mine. MAüIIM Hg ■ the Larjtest. Si Iver Mines. Mm SUs .ftfigsssariasr Has Extensive Grazing Ranges. Fine Timber Belti. Wide Agrioultural Valleys s larjrer than New England, New Vork, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and IJelaware combined. Tlie Grent Northern Railway is the dlreot line früm St. Paul and Miimeapolia to Great Falla. Monarch, Neihart, Barker, Helena, Batte and otlier Montana pointe. Apply to your home rallway agent for tickets over the (3 real Nmthern. , „..p. I do not wigh to blow into LhnU them, lint moroly whisper that the Red Kiver Valley offers fine ,-p, induceinents for home seekers, ML asalso the ent.ire región alonar the Great Northern Kailway ,,„.,- through Minnesota, Norlh üaYUUK kota and Montana. For Map, üuidelíooks, etc., apply to F. p.n 1. Whitnev, G. V. & T. A., st. LAKo. Paul, Minn., or to yonr nearest railway asent. In some States the I tuit YOUNG ratio is two and ' nt ten thrce to one in vniiMn umiurM favor of the men. IUUIHk3 WUIVltn, The best route f rom iuicm St. Paul, wicin rn olis, Dulutli and AncniiT uü West Superior to ARE OUT the Northwestern -rui cd ir WEST ! a?cl Pacitlc States is mtKt via the Great lunvu thern Railway. MUW. Farmscan be had in Minnesota and North Da kota on erop M and other plans to snit purcuas"' ers. No t'aüure of erops in twelve years of soltlement Iarge yiekls of wheat and other RED staples. Fine stock región. Good schools and cuurebes. Hcalthful elimate. Great Marn... kpts within easyreach. Farms nlVhn '"'"' 'ol' 'rom the pioceeds of onc orop, Higrbest priues paid for pruüiicts. The Great NorlAi ■ i-u thern Railway bas three linea VALLtT. through the Valley. Acldress V. W. Braden, ijand CoinmisBloner, St. l'uul, Minn., lor partieulars. ABOUT A GREAfcÖUNTRY. Maps Knd publieations sent f ree, and letters RBWDg lotormation about travel and sottlement m Minnesota, the Dakotas and Montana HMswon;d by p. I Whitnev, G. I'. & T. a ., ureat Northern Railway, St. Paul. Tl -kets to Öc'Sist"" We8t" LoWl'sl mtes to ""' -Jljlj k i i nj''WWJ'fltiiJSnymjj '''I jiiil iiu i n. mlili II ftrni -r ... 81 st!:)-re (1"Ilc'h are PlayeéIA Oul T MAnFö'"" The t.'i.'nhc.ii.' :i n.L nj" y Jií.1 liiMUCbJ J:iii Ksniily Quiltlng i IU O nniinfi H Machine are mndorn noB lü O HUUnSi H sities. MyQaUUnsMaHbbmj_b_IW chine in :i nuw :mtl vitluuSir7""(ÖBfflHSODI lila attjicliuieut lor uil iniilthi "'f "he ]M[y (notSor'J) oan niakc ft fin iiiJl ,., "urL; ol"qult chlldren'8 cloalts; dressh 1m,, V; „Re'"' ■■ and I will aciii yo u ÏSÏÏS V.Ï Jrat,ePres. Asenta wantod every■■ UAV1S, 3U W. Randolph st., Culeugo 'uuiiinu Cements


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