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Successful Wheat Growing

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A recent essayist at a farmers' meeting, who believes that good farming pays, summed it all by giving these points, which, if followed up, are sure tö lead to success in wheat culture: 1'. The soil must be well drained. 2. The best soil for wheat is a clayey loam containing lime. 3. Wheat likes a soft seed bed with a compact bottom. 4. Clover sod tunied early rnakes such a bed. 5. Test at least one new variety each year; change your seed every three years. 6. The best seed is plump, heavy, oily and clean. 7. Abotit two inches is the best depth for sowing the seed. 8. The drill puts in the seed cheaper and better than broadcasting. 9. From the middle of September to the middle of üctober is the best time for sowing. 10. If drilled, five pecks of seed per acre; if broadcast, two bushels. 11. One heavy rolling after seedhig does much good. 12. If the growing season is dry, try sowing Balt.


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