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Poultry For Eggs

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A farmer vvho lives so far from any large market that he finds it unprofitable to keep f o wis for any purpose escept eggs, and therefore takes great care in selecting the best breeds for eggs and feeding them properly, says: "I have tried various kinds, but find that the Black Spanish or White Leghorn is the best fowl for laying of any I have ever tried. My preference is the White Leghorn, as their flesh is superior to the Spanish for table' use. I see that some are opposed to feeding warm food to poultry, claiming that it is unhealthy and creates disease. I think it is indispensable to fowls in the winter time where eggs is the question to be considered. "I feed in y hens in the morning on cornmeal, wet with boiling hot water, and in the afternoon a mess of buckwheat or wheat, occasionally giving a mess of rneat, cabbage and other vegetables chopped fine. I allow rny hens to have plenty of exercise in the open air when the weather is fine, always keeping keeping fresh water where they can have access to it. Hens should be provided witb a comfortable place to roost and shelter to protect them from the storms and blasts, and, with suitable food and plenty of it, hens pay as well as anything one can keep upon the farm."


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